youtube videos earn $600-$800 a month. 10-15 minutes to create. NO re-hash. NO BS. {GREAT reviews!}

September 15, 2010
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youtube videos earn $600-$800 a month. 10-15 minutes to create. NO re-hash. NO BS. {GREAT reviews!}

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I know a lot of people out there are cynical about making money using
YouTube. But I make a majority of my income from YouTube, and I’m going
to show you how.

I’m going to show you how to capture the attention of internet browsers
who are looking to buy high end products, and then make cash off their
purchases using an affiliate program.

The method outlined in this book will show you how to use YouTube as a
tool to make a hefty income off the Amazon affiliate program.

I actually use this method, along with other methods for making money
with YouTube and Amazon, and I know that a lot of the ebooks out there
about YouTube MUST be written by people who don’t make money on the
site, because they seem to be clueless about the fact that a million
YouTube hits can easily amount to $0 in sales.

You can’t just throw up a viral video and expect to make money off of it,
no matter how many hits it gets.

The fact is, unfortunately,
most YouTube users are not looking to buy
anything, and a good majority couldn’t even buy something if they wanted
to, because they’re broke teenagers.

So I’m going to outline some ways for you to make cash on YouTube by
targeting people who are looking to spend money,
and of those, only the ones who are looking to spend money on high end
products. I’m going to show you how to get them to click on your video,
and more importantly…
click on your affiliate links.

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