This Newbie Warrior Made 4k in 7 days with His First WSO… So CAN YOU…[PROOF INSIDE]

October 12, 2011
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This Newbie Warrior Made 4k in 7 days with His First WSO… So CAN YOU…[PROOF INSIDE]

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Dear Warriors,

People ask me from time to time, “what is the easiest way to make money online”?. Is it affiliate marketing? Is it email marketing? Or is there some automated software where you can click a button and watch all the sales flood your account?

Unfortunately the answer to all these questions is NO. By far the easiest way to make money online is launching WSOs.

The reason for this is that WSOs provide a captive audience with products they are seeking, at a price they can afford. Warriors that trawl the ‘Warrior Special Offer’ thread on the Warrior Forum are in ‘buying mode’ and so they will spend money if you know how to give them what they want.

WSOs also over come one of the biggest obstacles facing internet marketers i.e. TRAFFIC.

Instead of you having to drive traffic to your products, by launching a WSO you are bringing your product to the traffic.

The KEY here that many people don’t understand is that this traffic is ‘BUYER’ traffic and so your conversions can be as high as 30% +. This is huge because the conversion rate on an average site is 1 – 4%.

So in effect with WSOs you have upto 30 times the number of sales flooding your Paypal account, if you know the ‘WSO Money Code’.

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