The $365K Blog Traffic Formula

August 16, 2009
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“How Much Is Attracting 365,000 Red-Hot Visitors to Your Blog Worth To Your Business In 2009?”

I don’t know about you… but my greed glands go on overdrive whenever I find new and proven ways of getting more targeted visitors to my blog…

What I do is STUDY how the pro bloggers are getting their traffic, and easily copy-cat their formula (you can do it too – more about this in a minute)

… And it doesn’t cost me a red cent!

All I have to do is “see” exactly how they ‘advertise’ their blogs, where and why…

It takes me just a few hours of strategic “behind-the-scenes” work that will add thousands of visitors to my blog for weeks, months and even years to come.

Did I mention I don’t spend any money getting all this traffic?

And the best part is this:

*** traffic comes to my blog. I don’t hunt for it – like most bloggers do!

Instead of spending 3 hours researching for a post and write it for my blog, I do something else, which takes me less than 20 minutes and brings 10x times more traffic (some times for many months to come).

Just think about this for a moment…

If you’re currently getting about 100 visits a day to your blog, that’s only 36,500 visits per year. Increase your blog traffic by 10x times, and you’d get 365,000 unique visitors a year!

That’s $365,000 in Wallet Fattening…

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