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March 3, 2010
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Dear Fellow Web Site Owner,

Do you want to see your site at the top of Google? Do you want to have a list of potential affiliates for your product? Do you want to determine how competitive a new keyword market is? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you have to read this page!

You may already know that you need quality links to your site to boost your rankings in the search engines. But how do you know what the search engines consider a quality link? Right…you look at the page’s Page Rank…that little green bar on the Google toolbar. It tells you how a page ranks, on a scale of 1 to 10.

There is incredible value in getting links to your site from “high PR” sites (as we like to call them). Because when you find these high quality links, you only need a handful of them to link to you. You DON’T need hundreds or thousands of links pointing to you to boost your search engine ranking above your competitors. You just need a few “high PR” ones.

If you’re new to the search engine optimization game, you need to understand first and foremost that there are 2 fundamental issues to address in getting your site to the top of the search engines.

#1 – On-page optimization This one is easy. You put keywords on your web site, you put keywords in your tags, in your description, meta-tags, etc. etc.

#2 – Off-page optimization This is the biggy! Listen, search engine optimization has been perfected to the point where most of your top competitors have perfectly optimized on-page factors, just like you. The tie-breaker is who has the best off-page optimization. Again, this is what Google refers to as Page Rank. And how do you boost your Page Rank? By finding quality link partners and getting links from them to your site.

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