Over 1,245,637 FREE Visitors Without SEO? [1,000+ Sold in under 24 Hours!]

July 6, 2011
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Over 1,245,637 FREE Visitors Without SEO? [1,000+ Sold in under 24 Hours!]


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Dear Frustrated Marketer,

If you’re chasing your tail trying to get your products or sites traffic from Google- STOP.

I used to do the same thing. Years ago I was jumping at every single SEO “hot topic” that was supposed to be proven to work. I never got the rankings I wanted.

I had killer products that were selling, but I needed more traffic. I thought if I could just make the right tweaks that I would finally be able to get traffic from the front pages of Google. Unfortunately, it was a lot harder than I thought. My SEO skills now are mediocre, but back then they were nonexistent.

A Massive “Brain Tweak”

I wondered…what if there was another way to get traffic from top Google pages WITHOUT struggling over SEO? I came up with a few more “tricks” but those failed as well.

Eventually, I gave up on using search engines for traffic and moved on to other things. I decided it was just too tough. I’m sure you can relate.

A “Happy Accident” That Made Me Thousands…

Then one day, completely by accident, I received an email from an affiliate that completely changed the way I thought about my traffic issues. This affiliate had inadvertantly shown me that I was looking at things completely wrong.

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