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December 16, 2008
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Don¡¯t Want To Pay Outrageous Copywriter Fees?

¡°If You Need A Profitable Sales Letter Fast, Then Watch This Pro Copywriter Show You How It¡¯s Done In 133 Minutes Flat!¡±
Do you want to write a sales letter, but have no idea where to start? Let my friend, Pro-copywriter Stephen Dean, give you permission to STEAL his techniques. See below¡­

Dear Friend,

Don¡¯t give one more copywriter another dime.

Copywriting fees are expensive. I know, I¡¯m a copywriter. People pay me big bucks to construct powerful sales letters. But you know what, those people have the money to pay me.

What if you¡¯re just getting started and can¡¯t afford a copywriter? What then?

Many people see an obvious solution. Write your own sales letters. And that¡¯s GREAT! If you know how. But if you don¡¯t know a prehead from a subhead¡­ a guarantee from a call to action. What are you to do?
Why Not Let A Pro Copywriter Help Create Your Sales Letter Fast!

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