CPA Free Trial CL Method + Gmail Delayed Autoresponder + 2nd Sneaky Back End Sale

August 15, 2009
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“Great Method to Promote CPA ‘Free Trial’ Offers on Craigslist AND Setup a Gmail Delayed Autoresponder AND Make a FREE Sneaky Back End 2nd Sale From Your Leads. Great Spin, Best Craigslist Method Around!”

If you tried Craigslist before, whether with e-mail submits or free trials, but enjoyed little to no success then this is for you. Learn everything you need to know about running a great free trial CPA campaign on Craigslist. Includes exact ad copies, exact mailings, how to setup a delayed gmail autoresponder for free, top tricks of the trade and even a VERY sneaky way to get a 2nd back end sale from each of your leads, whether they took the original CPA offer or not!

This is truly the most comprehensive and best Craigslist and CPA method out there. Even experienced Craigslist and CPA marketers will learn a trick or two to optimize their campaign and I guarantee everyone will love the ability to make a SECOND sale to the leads you already collected, no matter the niche or product!

I know that Craigslist and CPA methods have been around but this is my PERSONAL earner which includes an EXACT campaign that I use and teaches you how to discover your own campaigns as well!

This is foolproof and great for everyone, from the novice to the seasoned CPA/CL pro!

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