Google Shadow

February 12, 2009
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“Renegade ClickBank Affiliate Banks
$127,783 In 30 Days With New
Google Software …”

If you’re feeling frustrated, and locked out of the “make money” game, then…

I have some incredible news for you…

We’ve created the ultimate cash-pulling software tool, which we have already used to pillage Google for gains like $20,434 in a day and $44,453 in a week…

This Automated Google System…

? allowed a 37-year old no-hoper to scoop $44,453 in 7 days, with a few little Google ads

? an easy “connect the dots” path to profit – no website needed, work the hours you choose

? means big companies like ClickBank, Amazon and Microsoft will do the selling for you, 24/7

Now, you can clone this formula and dip into the ClickBank cash mountain…

Here’s the incredible story of how all of this happened…

PROOF: $127,783 in 30 days (all from
“little Google ads” & without a website)

“The Death & Rebirth Of Google…”

Fellow Frustrated Wealth-Seeker,

You¡¯ve every right to be furious right now¡­

The gurus have let you down.

Google has crushed the dreams of thousands of small-time affiliates.

Gurus have flooded the market with weak, rehashed systems that don¡¯t work in 2009, causing an unprecented backlash against not just Adwords – but Internet money-making in general.

Even so, it¡¯s still possible for the little guy to enter the game.

But if you fail to make the right decisions, right NOW, that could all be about to change.

If you want a clear path away from failure and towards success in these dark times, I strongly suggest you listen to what I have to say next¡­

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar¡­
I must STOP wasting my money on rehashed ebooks and bloated Adwords costs

I want to swipe a $100,000/month affiliate’s maverick system

I accept that the only way I will ever take my cut of a $6 billion industry, is by abandoning everything I thought I knew…

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The Guru Assassin – Yes. This Works. You Can Make Money Online… Guaranteed

February 1, 2009
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After 30 years of being broke… and even homeless, insider declares:
“This Is EXACTLY How You Go From Broke And Unemployed To Making Over $29,842.33 In Less Than 30 Days
Starting With No List… No Website…
And No Money…”
IF you’ve ever wanted to make job ending cash with just a few hours from your home computer, then this will be the most important true story you ever read…

Over the next 7 minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how I went from broke, unemployable and flat out homeless to earning just under a thousand dollars a day from the internet. I’ll also show you precisely how you can copy my results quickly and painlessly so that your accounts look just like mine…

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