– Your $1 Million Ecommerce Business Step-By-Step

January 14, 2009
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Listen closely because we’re about to let you in on a ‘little known’ secret that anyone can use to go from ZERO to $100,000 per month in 90 days or less… as we open the floodgates and unleash…

“The *Radically Unconventional* Niche

Website Formula That Generated

$1,214,978 From Free Website Traffic!”

This Has Nothing To Do With Affiliate Marketing, Email Promotion Or Product Creation…

…And The Cool Thing Is You Don’t Need Any Experience Or Additional Investment To Copy Us, Quickly Establish A *Recession Proof* Automated Income And Create Bulletproof Protection From The Economic Downturn!”

In the next 3 minutes, the “combination” will finally click and everything will fall into place as this exceptionally detailed step by step blueprint will allow you to replicate the exact formula we use to consistently generate thousands of laser targeted visitors and repeatedly pull in 6-figure sums every single month!

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STEP – BY – STEP eBay Dropship Formula, everything from A to Z!

$10,000+ IN 3 MONTHS! – The Step-By-Step AUTOPSY FILES!(5 Bonus WSO’s)

[AMAZING REVIEWS!] STEP-BY-STEP Traffic System TURNS $90 into $12,000!

WP ManagerDX2 – Worpdress Blog Installer and Manager with Batch Install

January 13, 2009
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ATTENTION! If you’re tired of manually installing WordPress Blogs, then you need to get WP ManagerDX to solve your problem and start to…

“Create Unlimited WordPress Blogs
With The Touch Of A Button, and
Manage Them From One Control Panel
…so you can finally CASH IN on blogs


You are about to discover…


Why WordPress is stealing your money
How to create blogs in minutes, not hours
What blog installation REALLY should look like

…all in the next 10 minutes

If you’re new to blogs and WordPress,
you’ll never have to worry about tech headaches.

If you already install multiple niche blogs,
in a few minutes you’ll be weeping for joy,
especially with the brand-new version you’ll read about.

“If You’re New To Blogging,
Does The Tech Stuff Scare You To Death?”

Hey, I’ve been there.

If you’re new to the blogging world…

Can you navigate your host’s CPanel in your sleep¡ªassuming you know what that is? How about FTP?

For most people, all the WordPress technical jargon sounds like a foreign language.

And how about setting up SQL databases? You’ll need one per blog, and heaven help you if you make a mistake. Figuring that out can be a bear.

All you want to do is get a blog set up, not reprogram the space shuttle!


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Ultimate blackhat method 4.0 will blow you away! + script

January 13, 2009
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I am selling one of the most flexible blackhat CPA affiliate methods ever. For more information visit Ultimate blackhat page where you can purchase this amazing script + ebook.

The feedback speaks for itself. This is just too good to miss out on.

So what is different in V4? Well, now you will be running a chameleon page. It will actually change depending on who views it. Search Engines and people will see it as a normal whitehat page unless you want them to see the darker side. Affiliate companies will see legit clicks and impressions and even if they do decide to take a closer look they will realize that the traffic is coming from an absolutely legit page containing their banners. They can even have a look at the source code and everything will be 100% normal. However the page will turn blackhat whenever you drive other visitors to it that you want to convert.

This actually helps you avoid unnecessary questions from your affiliate about the source of traffic and you don’t even have to do any affiliate link masking nor double meta redirects. Its great!

It all can be yours for $50. Previous buyers get a free upgrade as usual.

No review copies will be given for obvious reasons. I actually have hundreds of reviews already so if you ask for a review copy you will get red repped.

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PPC Scare Tactics

January 13, 2009
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Value: $67.00
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How “PPC Scare Tactics” Puts The Power Of
Proven…? Time?Tested… Traffic-Getting… Sales Boosting Strategies To Work For YOU…

… quickly and easily injecting?your Ads with the most?effective
psychological tactics that will make people literally afraid to
click through?and buy your products and services right now!

A Quick Sneak Peak At What You Get: ? ?
  • Discover how to strike the core motivating desires of your prospects with copy & paste simplicity.

  • Get detailed videos and a quick reference PDF guide to make it rediculously easy to master scare tactics.

  • Includes special web-based software designed to amplify the intensity of the fear you induce and put more money in your pocket.
  • And More…

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Wild SEO

January 13, 2009
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Value: $49.99
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Available To The Public For The First Time:

The INSIDER SECRETS to exploiting hidden search engine formulas. And how these “cracked codes” can force Google and Yahoo to spit out cash?like a broken ATM machine.

Yes, it’s real… Yes, it’s legal… And yes, it will all make sense to you, after reading…

And Why This Matters
To Anyone Who Has
Ever?Considered Making
Real Money
On The Internet…

But First… A Few No’s…

No… we’re not talking about data entry, medical billing, or even filling out surveys. We’re not even talking about selling crap on ebay. We are talking about you building your online fortune… right now!
No… this isn’t about an online job. You have a job? already. It’s that nasty thing you’ve been looking to get rid of. This is about the anti-job… Where you’re the bossyou make the decisions!
No… you don’t need to buy a thing… Not a book… Not a cd… Not a single piece of software. Not even a website. As a WildSEO member, you get all that for FREE!gg

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Forum Poster V3

January 13, 2009
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Value: $139.95
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Forum Poster is a program that automatically posts messages to forums.

The current version can post to
1. phpBB Forum Boards from version 2.0.0 to 2.0.23 (
2. phpBB 3.0 “Olympus” Beta 5 (
3. Invision Power Board (
4. Snitz Forums 2000 (
5. vBulletin 3 (
6. Simple Machines Forum (
7. WoltLab Burning Board 2.x to 3.x (
8. WowBB (

Forum Poster automatically register a user with the username, e-mail and password you typed on the board. It login as the registered user on the board and then post it. All made automatically. With just one click!

Forum Poster support add, edit, delete forums URL, Import and export forum URL list.

Forum boards are an effective way to drive traffic to your site. With your posted Ads you can bring hundreds of new visitors to your site and increase your search
engine rankings which counts on link popularity like Google.

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How I Made $603,094.00 In Just 7 Days – My Personal Diary Documents Every Exact Step

January 13, 2009
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¡°Discover Exactly How I Made $603,094.00 In Just 7 Days As My Personal Diary Reveals The Exact Steps, Plan and Secrets I used To Create A $600,000+ Formula That You Can Duplicate ¡±

Hi Guys,

Back in September I conducted my first big launch that generated $603,094.00 in sales. The launch lasted for a period of 7 days.

During that time I was taking notes and documenting everything I was doing so I would know what worked and what didn¡¯t.

I kept a diary of everything I was doing and documented each exact step I was taking. I done a lot of planning for this launch, I had planned months ahead and I took notes on how everything unfolded.

At the end of the day after all my planning and all the steps I took I walked away with just over $600,000. So essentially I had developed a $600,000 formula.

The really exciting thing is that I made a lot of mistakes and looking back there are a lot of things that didn¡¯t quite work and things I would of done differently but I still made over $600,000.

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This is EXACTLY how we made 150k in just 30 days? A Complete Day By Day How To!

How I Went From a Struggling Newbie To $100+ Days In 2 Weeks! Step-By-Step Guide Covering 3 Methods


January 13, 2009
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Value: $147

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Dear Fearless Marketer,

Hi, I¡¯m Howie Schwartz. Like you, I¡¯ve been fed up with all the goody goody, spoon fed crap the ¡°Gurus¡± like to ram down your throat about marketing online. Specifically when it comes to getting tons of FREE traffic to your offers.

Doesn¡¯t matter if you¡¯re just getting started or if you¡¯re trying to expand your business, because now more than ever people are starting to take things seriously. They want REAL answers about what works NOW.

No hype, no fluff, no phony regurgitated bull from 7 years ago.

So if you¡¯ve got the guts, I¡¯m about to reveal to you fastest ways to get traffic NOW. But the catch is this, it ain¡¯t for the faint of heart.

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Blackhat Code Breaker

How I ‘Outsmart’ Google and Ranked #1 Page 1 every time! No software, no blackhat and No Website!

Make 150$ a Day [Unique method] [Blackhat] [Money back guarantee]

BlackHat CodeBreaker | The Best CPA Gateway

Blog Inferno — Amazing 6 Figure Blogging System

January 13, 2009
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Value: $47

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Desperate Mother Reveals Simple Step-By-Step System To Turn Just 30-60 Minutes A Day Into Over $100,000 A Year!
¡°It Wasn¡¯t Always This Way¡­I¡¯ll Take You By The Hand, Show You Exactly What To Do, With The Most Comprehensive Blogging Tips And Blogging Video Tutorials To Have Your Blog Up And Running Today!¡±
¨C Colleen Slater

It was the worst day of my life¡­

It was not just my worst nightmare. But a nightmare I could not have even imagined.
I had to pinch myself to believe that it was really happening¡­

My darling, precious children, the apples of my eye, the heartbeats of my very life¡­were missing!

My ex-husband, the father of these wonderful gifts from God, had simply not returned them from a routine visit.

All my hopes and dreams were against the wall ¡ª and the only way out was with money ¡ª lots of it. Money to pay solicitors (Oh, sorry. That¡¯s what we Aussies call them¡­I mean, lawyers.)

Where would I get it? Where could I possibly get it?

Rich relatives? Nope, didn¡¯t have any of those.

Bank account? The paycheck gets stretched to take care of the clothes, the toys, the medical bills ¡ª taking care of those precious 3 little ones. In fact, we had just moved. And, after paying the movers and 4 weeks¡¯ rent in advance¡­the balance was¡­zero. Seriously. So ¡ª Credit cards? Nope. Maxed out.

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