December 24, 2008
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Just Added!! Watch This UNBELIEVABLE ��Shock & Awe�� Video For Over $10,000 Of Amazing Bonuses You Will Get When You Join Today!

The Arbitrage Conspiracy Report

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From: Aymen

December 11, 2008

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you are even halfway committed to making SERIOUS MONEY ONLINE, please do yourself a favor and read this entire web page.

It��s CRITICAL, because your decision to have me teach you all I know about making money online could be the most important business decision you��ve ever made.

And don��t forget to download my free report, The Arbitrage Conspiracy, by
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Thousands of Backlinks, the Easy Way with the Arbitrage Backlink Method! Get 50 Links in 3 hours!

[Content Arbitrage] How to Start a Legitimate Business Online


The Site Rush

December 24, 2008
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Value: $77

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With the Stock Market crashing , 401k¡¯s in the dumps in a month¡¯s time and so no end in sight, the word ¡°Real Estate¡± is the last thing you want to invest your time and money in.. Right?

But what if you could learn exactly this¡­

Finally! The Secret Insider Strategies of an Under-the-Radar Millionaire That Reveal Exactly How You Can Suck In Insanely Ludicrous Amounts of Profits from the REAL Real Estate Market¡­

If you¡¯ve ever wanted a completely unbreakable, unstoppable system for unlimited and unadulterated Internet profits, 14 methods so deadly effective they will transform whatever you thought you knew about how to make endless sums of money online, seven days a week from anywhere in the world….

Then simply put, this is the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s Why:

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[The Traffic Rush System] Make BIG Money Online With 100% FREE Traffic (Zero To $59,147 In 8 Days)

Solo Ads Gold Rush

Sales Graphics Rush 2.0

[NEW: GOOGLE+ AFFILIATE GOLD RUSH] Braindead easy. Doesn’t cost a dime. Start in 5 minutes.

Yahoo! Cash 4 Idiots – Just Launched

December 16, 2008
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Side Note:
Everything you will read in this report about Affiliate Marketing, including my $7,992.93 Per Day Income Proof is Not From Google¡­

ClickBank Pioneer Accidentally Discovers PPC Formula And Rakes $463,590.22 In ONLY 58 Days!

(I recommend you click here to watch the video this screenshot was taken from)

$7,992.93 Per Day¡­

$55,950.54 Per Week¡­

$223,802.16 Per Month!

Yes, like many other on-line marketers Jason and I were once part of Google¡¯s ¡°golden era¡±. No doubt, Google was a true money making machine (up until December 2007).

Things changed¡­competition became fierce and making a profit as an affiliate marketer with Google AdWords was literally impossible. It actually came to a point where the only one making money from Google AdWords was (and still is!) Google itself!

Finding an alternative to Google was not just an option¡­it was an urgent necessity.

At the end of the day, making money online as an affiliate marketer is the absolute best income solution, hands down¡­no matter where you are, who you are, or how big or small your budget is.

Our breakout from Google AdWords and the $7,992.93 income per day formula proved to us and every marketing ¡°guru¡± out there that the hugest, most profitable playground for affiliates has YET to be exploited by the Google affiliate crowd!

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Adsense 4 Idiots

[NEW] – Answers Cash On STEROIDS! ‘ZERO-WORK’ Six-Figure Yahoo Answers Traffic & Income System

[JUST LAUNCHED] The EASIEST Way To Close $2500+ Mobile Website Deals (FOOLPROOF AND DONE FOR YOU)

Pips 4 Idiots

Traffic Crusher

December 16, 2008
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Value:? $497
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Here Is What YOU GET with
Traffic Crusher:

Traffic Crusher Course which covers¡­

    • Pay-Per-Click (beginner, intermediate, advanced.? Including site placement)

    • Cost-Per-View (Contextual Traffic)

    • Email Marketing: Ezine Ads and Co-Registration

    • Banner Buys and Insertion Orders

    • Landing Page Essentials

    • Virtually everything about testing and tracking

    • Steps to getting an offer listed in CPA Networks (the ultimate traffic source)

    • How to quickly monetize traffic

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Auto Traffic Crusher is LIVE!

WordPress Site Crusher

Azon Commission Crusher


PPC Classroom 2.0

December 16, 2008
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Value: $77.00
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Blog Classroom – Start Your Blog, Get Traffic in 10 Minutes

CPA Riches – The Definitive Guide | Make More Money From CPA Networks

December 16, 2008
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Value: $69.97
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How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying “I Wish I Knew How To Make More Money from CPA Networks”

Trying to jump start your CPA Earnings?

“Gain access to the methods and techniques that I personally use to earn more than $500 per day, and that is just with 1 Network!”

It works 24 hours a day on autopilot, every day. You don’t have to put it many hours to get the whole thing setup, Just a couple of hours per day and you would be putting money in the bank!
You make your own schedule, how much money you earn depends how much effort you put it.
Use the readymade landing pages and create hundreds of money making site, which will promote itself, you don’t have to worry about getting traffic anymore. All you need is a computer with internet access.

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[RAVE REVIEWS] Proven CPA System Makes $200-500 A Day With Little To No Work

Adult Traffic Riches | Make Insane Online Money

2,500+ SOLD: $500/DAY: Kenster’s RAGS 2 RICHES – Anybody Can make $500/day Easily w/ CPA offer$

EXPOSED The METHODS MISSING from EVERY WSO…Beyond SEO There’s Optimization Overdrive >ALL NICHES<

Michael Rasmussen¡¯s Get More Buyers

December 16, 2008
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Value:? $77
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WARNING: Advanced Information That Might Blow A ¡°Newbie¡¯s¡± Mind¡­
¡°Secret¡± List Building Tactics Generate Buying Frenzy That Brings In $381,195.06 In 90 Days¡­With NO Product!

¡°$48,420.79 in 24 Hours¡­
¡°$133,302.13 in 30 Days¡­
¡°381,195.06 in 90 Days¡­

This is the power of having a mailing list of people who buy. In just a few minutes, you¡¯ll learn how you can get a list like that for yourself, even if you¡¯re starting from scratch. You¡¯ll be able to effortlessly rack up four- and five-figure paydays on demand.

Even more shocking is that those results were with a list that I barely pay attention to¡­and I¡¯ve done it multiple times.

All it takes is applying the simple techniques I¡¯ll show you. You¡¯ll be living the ¡°Internet lifestyle¡± in no time if you follow the advice most people think is ¡°too simple¡±¡­but didn¡¯t you just see the proof? And that¡¯s just the beginning¡­

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The Greatest Free Buyers List Ever! How I Got 2 Newbies Over 3,400 Buyers & Over $24,000 in 7 Days!

Michael Cheney’s Fortune With 500

Advanced TRAFFIC: Target AFFLUENT Buyers

Steal My EXACT Method To GET 95+ Subs To YOUR Buyers List DAILY!

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Solid Methods that helps me make $1000 Per Week! ** Must See **

December 16, 2008
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Value:? $7
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Today I have a very special offer for DP Members. This is about the techniques which I use to cash in over $1000 every week. Now I¡¯ve written them down, and I¡¯m about to unleash this beast of a book upon the world. I¡¯m calling it the Black Hat Genius!

This is it. Forty-seven pages stuffed absolutely full of information about how the top black hat marketers in the game are making money, and how you can benefit from the use of these techniques should you decide to do it. I¡¯m going to teach you how to set up and establish a full-on blackhat business, and cover more than six major black hat marketing techniques.

We¡¯ll start off small with cookie stuffing techniques and a few grey- and borderline black-hat techniques, and then get in depth with some stuff that¡¯s so downright dastardly and demonic that most people in blackhat marketing think it¡¯s too evil to use.

Even if you¡¯re not going to actually use the techniques in this guide for yourself, you can at least use the information to help you prevent black hat marketers from taking you out down the lines.

Here is just a small taste of what you¡¯ll learn in the Black Hat Genius:

  • How to set up your business so that you won¡¯t get caught (quite possibly the most important thing of all!)
  • Cookie Stuffing (increase your conversion rate with these 5 different ways to stuff cookies)
  • Automated page building (Create literally thousands of pages at the click of a button with some of these tried and true blackhat techniques)
  • Link Spamming (literally dominate your competitors on Yahoo, Live, Dogpile, Lycos, Altavista, and every single one of the other second-rate search engines with automated tools)
  • Link Injection (a real simple technique to get a quick 200 backlinks from a bunch of .edu and .gov domains)
  • Google Bowling (take your competition down a notch with negative SEO¡­I¡¯ll show you two ways)
  • Traffic Spoofing (make it appear as though your mediocre little site is generating traffic like the next Myspace)
  • A simple greyhat technique that will make you hundreds of dollars at a time with very little work.
  • Two more top-secret black hat techniques which are so downright dastardly that I¡¯m not going to reveal in this ad.

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How to get laser targetted traffic from Adwords for under $0.20 cents per click

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How I made $2782.29 in 8 days! No Investment Required! Minimal Work. Easy Cash

December 16, 2008
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Thank you for reading My Thread.

I am selling my Ebook: ¡°How I made $2782.29 in 8 days!¡±

In my ebook you will be taught how to make $500+ daily with no cost at all. If you are able to write and receive emails then you too could make money online I know that you¡¯re not willing to spend money on advertising which in most cases can ruin your budget fast. With my method you will not have to spend a single cent.

This ebook is in a step-by-step guide. That way you will be able
to apply it very easily.

This Ebook is to do with Adult Affliate sites. This is not blackhat. It may be considered as ¡°Immoral¡± by some. But by a majority of people it isn¡¯t.

Anybody can put this method to use. As my title says. This requires no investment at all and requires minimal work.

I know some people will ask for revenue proof. So here it is. ( Sorry if it is a bit blurry ) It is also in the Ebook:

Method of Download: Direct Download from my server.

I will give 2 Free Review Copies to members with 20+ Itrader and 250+ posts only. DO NOT ask if you do not meet the requirements. This method is one of my best and I do not want to give it away to anybody freely.

The price of this Ebook is set to $15. Do not expect any price changes. I do not mind selling only a few copies. As I am selling this to get some extra cash to go along with the cash I make from this method.

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[FAST EASY CASH] – Start Making Money TODAY Using this Super Simple Method! NO Experience Required!

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Someone¡¯s Junk is Someone¡¯s Money – Make Money with Junk Stuff! UNKNOWN UNIQUE METHOD

December 16, 2008
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Value:? $99
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Someone¡¯s Junk is Someone¡¯s Money – Make Money with Junk Stuff! UNKNOWN UNIQUE METHOD

Do you know what is the hot market next to Health and Sex??

What the heck is GREEN?
Products/Services which are meant to save Environment from Pollution is Green Products/Service.

There is a Very Large Market behind GREEN. Why not we utilize this Market to make Huge Cash?

Here is a Very Unique Unknown method for you!

Is this about promoting Affiliate products?
NO. NEVER and Ever!

Do I need a website?
You don¡¯t even need a blogspot blog!

Is this Blackhat?

Do I need to invest any money?
Your only investment is just $99 for a copy of this ebook!

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Make 150$ a Day [Unique method] [Blackhat] [Money back guarantee]

[ NEVER HEARD BEFORE! ] UNLIMITED, UNIQUE, QUALITY Content Method- As low as $0.12 per Article!!

Make $6000+ Per Mont Easily With ClickBank – NO Investment At ALL – ?? GUARANTEED ??

Earn $100/day By Browsing DP Forums And Sending A Few PM’s! Guarenteed Unique Method!

Instant Niche Emails

December 16, 2008
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Value:? $117
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¡°How A Techno-Phobic Schoolteacher¡¯s
Amazing ¡®Follow-Up Marketing¡¯ Discovery
Transforms Ordinary Websites into
Massive Profit Powerhouses!!¡±
Today, for the first time in history, it¡¯s possible to automate
all your follow-up marketing. Forever.

¡­365 days from now, hundreds of thousands of people in your niche
will be signed up and buying from someone¡¯s newsletter. Let¡¯s make sure it¡¯s YOURS, and not your competitors¡¯. ¨C Lisa Rae Preston

Dear Fellow Marketer,

I have a jaw-dropping story to tell you. You may not believe me. In fact, some days I¡¯m not sure I believe the whole thing.

After teaching elementary school for 17 years, I needed a huge break. So I started studying internet marketing.

I set up a homeschooling website and grew a list. But writing those newsletters each week was driving me insane. It took 2 hours to write and format my emails every week. I dreaded it like the plague.

Finally, life got really chaotic, and I just quit sending out my newsletter. After all that work to build a list! It was just sitting on my hard drive as dry as a bone, not bringing me in one red cent.

Can you relate? Perhaps you have your own neglected list. Maybe you have a website and know that building a list and following up with subscribers puts more money in your pocket¡­ but the thought of setting it all up and keeping it going prevents you from starting!

Well, some crazy thought hit me out of the blue ¨C What if you could instantly create a year¡¯s worth of emails to send to your list? Not newsletters, which folks just scan. Real emails that look like they¡¯re coming from a friend ¨C emails that people will open immediately because they love hearing from you. So began¡­

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OFFLINE: SEO LEAD GEN PACKAGE: PREMIUM Magazine, Sqz Page, Flyers, Emails, Sales Letters (MUST SEE!)


$1280 a Week Sending Emails? Newbies Make $$$!

Affiliate Prophet – The Missing Piece to The Affiliate Marketing Puzzle

December 16, 2008
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Value:? $97
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Finally Exposed!
¡°How My One-Paged Affiliate Website Went From $0 to $3,000 Per Month Overnight By Copy & Pasting One
Tiny Code on the Landing Page¡±

And Now for the First Time, You Too Can Duplicate This Embarrassingly Simple Strategy to Make Killing Online Regardless of How Inexperienced You Are.

And No! This is not anything close to ¡°Top Secret Magic Code¡±, Adsense, or even Google Analytics.

Don¡¯t believe me? Just keep reading because I have all the proof in the world that my system works¡­ right here on this page.

From Peter Yoon
November 5, 2008

Let me cut to the chase and show you exactly how I made $3,000 a month.

Step 1) I chose a product to promote from Clickbank

Step 2) I created a review site promoting the product from step 1

Step 3) I used Google Adwords to send traffic to my website

Step 4) I waited hoping to make money

But guess what, I didn¡¯t make ANY money. I actually ended up losing a lot more money then I made.

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Home Fitness Affiliate Marketing Biz In A Box | Paxton Internet MarketingHome Fitness Affiliate Marketing Biz In A Box

Affiliate Ownage – ‘OWN’ Affiliate Marketing…


YouTube Friend Adder

DANGER: This Turns $139 Into $2,889.13 With Only 6 Hours of Work!

December 16, 2008
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If Each Site You Made Took You Six Hours of Work and Made You A Whopping $2,213.89
How Many Sites Would You Make?

Dear frustrated marketer,

If you¡¯re tired of ¡°courses¡± and ¡°guides¡± and ¡°systems¡± that get you all hyped up but send you crashing down to reality when you realize you haven¡¯t achieved any REAL results, you are going to love what I have for you today.

You are about to learn an advanced site flipping strategy which can easily generate upwards of $2,000 in profit with only six hours of work. I know that¡¯s a hefty claim. But I¡¯m prepared to make it because I¡¯ve seen this strategy in action.

I have not seen this breakthrough site flipping formula taught or recommended anywhere else on the internet. But that¡¯s not the most amazing thing about this course. The most amazing thing about this product, is that you will actually have EVERYTHING you need to really make it work, until the money is in the bank.

You see, I¡¯m a results oriented guy. I¡¯m not impressed with claims and hype.

I¡¯ve read through hundreds of ebooks, courses and guides all claiming to have the silver bullet I needed to quit my job and live my life along side a pool with a pina colada in hand.

Yeah friggin¡¯ right!

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[AMAZING REVIEWS!] STEP-BY-STEP Traffic System TURNS $90 into $12,000!

[WSO OF THE DAY-JULY 2ND] Drag And Drop Mobile Sites – KILLER WP Plugin Turns YOU Into A Mobile PRO!

Forex Nitty Gritty


Ultimate Associated Content Guide – Make $100/day very easy!

December 16, 2008
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Value: $75
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Associated Content is a web site that pays for submitted content. Content must be unique, never published anywhere. Associated Content pays for articles, images, audio and videos. In this ebook I am covering articles only. As posting articles is the most paying option. Associated Content pays between $2-10 for each article submitted. The average is 4 dollars. Which is pretty good money if you don¡¯t write the articles at all! Using the methods shown here you can post tens of articles a day and you can make more than hundred dollars/day.

In this ebook I share my experiences on Associated Content and I show you ways to make money out of it. Some of the methods I show are completely white hat, some of them are grey hat and some of them are blackhat. Using these methods you can make $100/day or even more. All you have to do is follow my steps.

Here are the contents of the ebook:

– How to use Associated Content
– 8 different methods to get articles for free
– 3 blackhat methods, 4 greythat methods and 1 whitehat method.
– How to check articles with
– How to use multiple accounts on Associated Content
– How to increase page views using blackhat methods.3 different methods.
– Tips and tricks

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The Ultimate Profit Producing “No Holds Barred” Guide To Building Highly Responsive Email Lists…

EPN WIPEOUT -The Ultimate Guide for Creating Unlimited EPN’s(Xtreme BlackHat Way)

[Great Reviews!!]Find Money Making Starving Crowds…Faster Way to Make $100+ Daily (Beginners Read)


WordPress Uniquefier Plugin v3.0

December 16, 2008
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Value: $14.99
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Say bye bye to duplicate content.

Now, with WordPress Uniquefier v3.0 all your articles are 100% unique

What is Uniquefier and how is it going to help you?

Uniquefier is a WordPress Plugin which once activated will turn your blog content from duplicate to unique. All it takes is 1 single click to activate the plugin and everything will be 100% unique content.

You may be wondering how is this possible? Well, it is indeed, and no it¡¯s not one of those article rewriters or any spinners you may have heard of. More, the articles will be the same for your site visitors, the changes which are being made to the articles are in the backpage, in the page source, changes which are not visible to the visitors, but only to the search engines bots and browsers. We are not adding hiding text or any kind of such activities which are strictly forbidden, the Uniquefier uses a simple, yet highly effective mechanism of turning your articles unique. It is a well known fact that search engines (for google has been proofed) can run and index non advanced JavaScript from your pages. This is why, by using a special technique we place the original articles under a JavaScript run. This way:

* you get original content as the way you show the articles is different than just a pure copy+paste
* search engines understand what an untrained human eye can¡¯t

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wpLapdance | The Best WordPress Plugin! | WordPress Exit Pop Plugin

Two-Way SMS WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Blogging Theme – When Form Overtakes Content

December 16, 2008
Filed under: SEO Tools
Value: $67
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ATTENTION: Bloggers who are almost (but not quite) satisfied with their blog theme – and can��t figure out what they��re doing wrong��
What If You Could��
Hire A World-Class Designer Who Would Create An Amazing WordPress Theme That Makes Almost
Certain You Have The Best Combination Of A
Google Friendly Site, Optimized Advertising
Income, And Chic Design In YOUR Blog?
All These For Less Than $100?

Posing in my home office ;-)

From: Carl ��Kidblogger�� Ocab
Friday, 6:41 P.M.

Hi, my name is Carl ��Kidblogger�� Ocab. I��m a 15-year old kid from the beautiful archipelago Philippines and I��ve been blogging for more than two years now.

My blog went to the top page of Google for the much coveted keyword ��make money online�� in just a few months after it launched. Not only that, it was also earning four figures monthly.

When I started my blog, I was just as frustrated as you are. I spent hours upon hours of browsing every known A-lister��s blog hoping to catch the perfect blog theme that would combine��

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Ultimate Blogging Theme V3 – Unlimited Blog License

Azione – WordPress Video Blogging Theme

Atomic Blogging Theme

CTR Theme 1.3.6 Latest- The Ultimate AdSense Theme

Conversion Prophet – Predicts the Conversion Rate of Anything

December 16, 2008
Filed under: SEO Tools
Value: $177
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Maximizing your conversions is literally ten times faster, easier, and less expensive than ever before when you discover how to¡­
¡°Double Or Triple Your Sales Conversions Overnight With This Amazing New AIDA Tracking Formula¡­ Tests Any Sales Page With Laser Accuracy With Just
73 Visitors!¡±

Other Testing Programs Eat Up Thousands of Paid Clicks And Demand 100 ¡°Actions¡± Before You Get Results¡­

But, Now You Can¡­
Predict your conversions in 40 hours, instead of testing over 40 days. So, you¡¯ll be selling like mad while others are still waiting on test results¡­
Pinpoint conversion killers on your sales page – and eliminate them automatically. This intuitive software leaves Taguchi testing in the dust¡­
Track keyword production and uncover hidden gems no one else will be using. You¡¯ll pay far less for the hot clicks your competition never even sees¡­
Peek under the hood of other affiliate pages to find out what¡¯s working before you go live. ¡°Steal¡± the best headlines and keywords to guarantee high commissions¡­
Start testing now with no special computer skills. If you thought testing was too expensive and complicated¡­ no more excuses! Just higher conversions and bigger paydays¡­

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Conversion Rate Optimization Report 2012

Increase your Squeeze page conversion rate to over 50% in only 30 minutes!

Secrets Of A 10% Conversion Rate

Why Do I Have a 20.75% Conversion Rate and You Don’t?

Boost Your Salesletter Conversion Through The Roof ~ Super Easy To Use ~ Increase Sales & Make Money

Affiliate Hijack – Make Easy Money Online

December 16, 2008
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Value:? $79.9
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Who Else Wants To Discover How To Earn An Easy Income

From Home 100% Guaranteed ..

¡°The Secret Method For Hijacking Affiliate Commissions To Become
An Instant Success Online!¡±

Once You Discover This Secret Method For Making It BIG Online, You Can¡¯t Stop Making Money Online¡­Even If You Wanted To!

Dear Friend,

Now that I have your attention, I¡¯m going to shock you be revealing a little known ¡°Secret Method¡± for becoming extremely wealthy online¡­

That screenshot you just saw above is from one of my online accounts. (I have about 18 other accounts that collect money online for me).

That¡¯s a lot more then your average marketer makes online, collecting 10 cents here and 5 cents there on adsence. And I work a heck of a lot less then they do. If you can even call it ¡°work¡±. When I do work, it¡¯s really only a few minutes per day.

The rest of the time, this secret method just hijacks commissions for me on autopilot, without me needing to do anything!

If you¡¯re new to the internet marketing and have been looking for a way to make it big online, then let me tell you, you¡¯ve just found it!

Keep reading if you want to¡­

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Viral Traffic Hijack

[StoreStarta WordPress Theme + Plugin] Quick & Easy Online Stores, Affiliate & Review Sites in One

30 Second Affiliate Blitzkrieg | Create Thousands of affiliate product pages in seconds

Viral Video Hijack: Push-button software lets you profit from ANY YouTube video…

The Outsourcing Advantage – Make Money Online With Outsourcing

December 16, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course
Value:? $47
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¡°Discover The Most Unique, Most Unknown Secret Technique That Dumps Large Sums Of Cash Into Your Pockets Almost Instantly!¡±

¡°This powerful little technique is so unknown that it is virtually an untapped GOLDMINE. The profit demand is so HUGE that literally anyone can walk off the streets and make an absolute fortune doing this in their spare time ¡±

From: Tristan Bull
Victoria, Australia

Dear Friend,

If you are still trying to make money on the Internet I may have just discovered the perfect solution for you. I have to be completely honest I had no idea about this little technique in fact I was pretty much clueless about the whole outsourcing thing.
I still am by no means an expert when it comes to outsourcing but in my attempt to learn all I could about outsourcing I discovered a little known method to make a lot of money within the outsourcing industry.

Let me explain what I mean here. Now like you and most other people when I hear the term ¡°outsourcing¡± I immediately think of hiring people for a certain task or job. Which in essence is what outsourcing is all about.

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Black Hat Video Cash

December 16, 2008
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Is affiliate marketing starting to piss you off? Been Bitch Slapped by Google Lately? Well, You are in the Right Place¡­..

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From: J.B.
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Dear Fellow Marketer,

I have done many forms of online marketing in the past including Adsense sites, review sites, PPC campaigns, Micro Niche Info Products, Forum Marketing, bum marketing, CPA offers, a combination of these, etc¡­.

While these methods can make you money, I never found any of them to be fun. They always seemed like too much work to me¡­ As terrible as it may sound, I actually enjoy doing blackhat techniques.

¡°Blackhat Video Cash ?¡±

3 Exclusive Video Tutorials

In ¡°Blackhat Video Cash ?¡± I will show you step by step how I use the Power of video to make large commission checks like clockwork!

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One Million Dofollow Backlinks – Secret Untapped Resource!

December 16, 2008
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One Million Dofollow Backlinks!

Running out of places to build links? Tried all the directories, article directories, dofollow blogs comments?

I have discovered an untapped resource which will allow you to post Dofollow backlinks on over 1 Million Blogs.

You will have to add these one by one, but they are 100% dofollow, niche targeted links with your choice of anchor text!

* NOT Directories
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Blogs are all types, from new to well established blogs. From low PR to high PR.
These links are 100% legit and do not break any rules. Plus, you can repeat this for all of your sites! Each link takes around 5 seconds to add. And they can all be done absolutely FREE!!!

I will be giving 3 review copies of this ebook.
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Kindle Profits Exposed

December 16, 2008
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How Would You Like To Earn Hundreds
of Dollars in Hands-Free Income With
NO Website, NO Traffic, NO List,
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From: Rebecca Cooper


Dear Internet Marketer;?


Have you noticed a lot of gurus are now preaching about Private Label Rights and Public Domain eBooks? They tell you to buy up as much as you can, and then sell them ¡ª You¡¯ll make a fortune!


There is only one problem with that idea:
How do you sell them?


There¡¯s so much involved in selling an ebook on your own¡­ You need:

  • Traffic
  • A Website
  • An autoresponder to deliver the ebooks
  • A way to deal with customer service, refunds, etc.
  • And all of the time, money, and effort it takes to do that!

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Secret PPC Source – Clicks For Pennies! – Get High Converting Traffic From Untapped Source¡­

December 16, 2008
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Incredible Secret PPC Resource Allows You To Generate Cheap High Converting Clicks For Pennies¡­

Hi Warrior,

If you¡¯re anything like me, and have been into PPC for any length of time, then you will have noticed that using Adwords is becoming more and more difficult. What with Google Slap 18 and all the ridiculous rules they have in place to allow you to give them money, mastering Adwords can become a chore. Especially for anyone who has gone through the soul destroying experience of building PPC campaigns, starting to make money, only to check your Adwords account a couple of hours later and see all of your bid prices shoot up.

Not to mention the ever increasing competition within Google Adwords means that most mainstream keywords have extremely high costs. These days, with so many brand advertisers paying whatever it takes to be in the top spot, some niches are just becoming too competitive for most people. This is forcing some people to bid on long tail keywords with tiny traffic, or just give up all together.

If you ask people who buy a lot of traffic then you will find that they are always looking for new sources and different traffic pools to test. In that vain, over the last 6-8 months I have diversified my PPC away from just Adwords, Yahoo Search and MSN Adcenter. There is so much traffic avalaible to buy that converts well, I find it unbelievable that people are so obsessed with Google. Let me put it this way:

– You can buy a ton of clicks.
– You can write the ad you want, without worrying about Quality Scoring or about the CTR¡¯s that you get.
– You don¡¯t have to worry about crazy Adwords rules on URL¡¯s and landing pages.
– You can buy cheap, high converting clicks.

How cheap? Let me give you an example.

On Adwords, if you bid on the keyword ¡®work from home¡¯ you can easily pay $3-$4 just to get your ad to show. Not to mention the 100¡¯s of competitors you will be running against.

With my new PPC source, I ran the keyword ¡®Work From Home¡¯. It began to run almost instantly and cost me $0.06 per click.

These sorts of results can be seen with tons of great keywords.

So what I¡¯ve done is put together a quick, simple, concise report that gives you setup instructions and some great tips for making this awesome new traffic source work for you. You can literally be up and running hundreds of new clicks within minutes.

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Rat Race Annihilation

December 16, 2008
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Best WordPress Blog SEO Plugin – WP SEO Sniper Professional

December 16, 2008
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¡°A Few Easy Steps to Fully SEO Your WordPress Blog¡±

Here¡¯s a surefire solution that enables you to SEO your WordPress blog like a seasoned pro!

If you are¡­ (check all the options that apply to you)

A seasoned SEO;
Someone who knows a bit about SEO; or
Someone who understands zilch about SEO.

¡­ and you own a WordPress blog, then you¡¯ve found the way to easily implement the most powerful and advanced SEO strategies on your blog and gain all the resulting search engine ranking benefits.
SEO Isn¡¯t Easy
¡°Advanced SEO with peace of mind¡±

For the average WordPress blog owner, search engine optimization is a goal that¡¯s more read about than actually applied to the blog.

Until now, you had to: a) find different plugins, b) edit your theme files, c) hope you got it right, d) discover that you didn¡¯t, e) beg some good samaritan on a forum for help, and f) often just give it up as being too hard.

That¡¯s now all changed with WP SEO Sniper Professional.

WP SEO Sniper Professional implements SEO best practices on your WordPress blog, from the simplest page title to the most aggressive strategies recommended by Dan Thies in his SEO Fast Start manual (third-level push, tiered-pairing, circular navigation, etc.).

You easily control it all from the plugin¡¯s administration panel.

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RSS Bookmarker : Mass Automation Tools Updated

December 16, 2008
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When I launch a new website, I start receiving traffic almost immediately. In August and September of 2006 I started several new websites to test a new traffic generating method. Here¡¯s one:

I launched this particular site late in September 2006 and began to see traffic almost immediately. The traffic began to build steadily and continues to grow to this day.

This Is Great, But¡­
Can It Make Us Money?

Absolutely! For these new sites, I wanted a hands-off way to get some passive income because they were basically test sites. I just did not have time to do much with them on a daily basis. So, I added Google Adsense? to the site just to see how much income I could generate.

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VIP Confessions – Visitor Value Multiplier Manifesto

December 16, 2008
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¡°On September 3, 2008, I Made 2 Simple Changes to One of My Sites¡­¡±

¡°Which Instantly Increased That Site¡¯s Income from Roughly $2000/mth to $4600/mth¡±

Here¡¯s Exactly How I Did It:

This may sound completely ridiculous, but all it took to accomplish this was to change one line of text and delete a paragraph.

That¡¯s seriously all I did.

But it wasn¡¯t an accident¡­

No – what I did was make a few changes that I knew would effect my sales (see why below), and then I just sat back and watched the newfound profits roll in.

You see, over the last few years I¡¯ve developed a very simple, systematic way to make any of my sites more profitable by simply tweaking certain things, and then letting my traffic tell me what¡¯s working and what¡¯s not.

This works for ANY site. Affiliate sites, sites that sell a product – any site.

Even low-traffic sites – (I have a special process for optimizing those as well¡­)

It¡¯s completely foolproof – and this ¡°tactic¡± is also, without a doubt, the fastest possible way to realistically multiply your current income in as little as a few weeks - without generating any more traffic than you already have¡­

Curious to see how this works?

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Easy Website Building With The KSEO Website Builder System

December 16, 2008
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¡°If You¡¯re Ready To Speed Up The Process Of Building Your Websites, and Attract Search Engine Spiders Like Bees To Honey, Then You¡¯re Ready For The Killer Search Engine Optimized Website Builder System¡±

Let Our Killer Search Engine Optimized Website Builder Help
You Produce Complete Money Making Websites In Minutes

Dear Webmaster,

Patrick Mahoney created this fascinating php based website builder system, and as time moves forward, he sees his dream growing and taking shape like never before.

What dream is he talking about?..

Well, a few years ago (after 4 years of serious SEO work and observation), Patrick decided to create a website builder system that would follow all of the rules of search engine optimization, pack them all into one system, and I would use this system to create his websites with.

Now, when Patrick says ¡°follow all of the rules of search engine optimization¡±, he doesn¡¯t mean the rules created and designed by the guru¡¯s, but the actual rules from the major search engines themselves.

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Grab FREE Search Engine Traffic To Your Website!

December 16, 2008
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If You Are Fed Up With Optimizing Your Website For The Search Engines And Getting Little Or NO Results, Then Read This Web Page Very Carefully To DIscover¡­

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From: Ewen Chia

Dear Frustrated Website Owner,

Are you getting more FREE traffic than you need from the search engines?

If not, then I urge you to read this web page very carefully for you are about to discover the ultimate traffic ¡®holy grail¡¯!

I¡¯ve got my friend, Peter Hale, to reveal his amazingly simple but deadly effective search engine system to you¡­

This is the same system that delivers over 500+ free search engine visitors to his many websites EVERY DAY without fail¡­and this is the same system that¡­

ANYONE Can Use To Generate Massive Loads Of Targeted FREE Search Engine Traffic To Any Website Every Single Day!

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Coaches and Consultants Marketing Bootcamp

December 16, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course
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Announcing an Amazing New Marketing Bootcamp Designed Specifically for

Coaches and Consultants who want to Fill their Practice in Less than 6 Months¡­

¡°You Too Can Have an Ultra-Successful Coaching and Consulting Practice In Less than 6 Months Starting From Scratch¡­(See the Proof Below )¡±

¡°In Just a Few Minutes, You Will Discover How You Can Create a Thriving Coaching and Consulting Practice Using My Simple Formula¡±

Dear Coach and Consulting Friend:

How often do you find yourself saying, ¡°I wish I could get enough clients so that I could do what it is that I love to do.¡± Unfortunately, too many coaches and consultants have deep skills in coaching or their field of expertise, but don¡¯t know how to attract new clients. This is a common problem that I hear over and over again.

Frequently, I get calls and emails from coaches and consultants that express to me in private their feelings of frustration and anxiety in their marketing efforts. Perhaps, there are times when even you feel¡­


Frustrated with your inability to attract new clients.

Tired of networking with little or no results.

Discouraged because you can¡¯t seem to turn interested prospects into paying clients.

Annoyed because you¡¯re not getting the type or size of projects you¡¯d hoped for.

Puzzled as to what marketing tactics you should be using and how to use them.

Confused because you are just starting out and don¡¯t know how to get your first clients.

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