Instant Info Riches!

August 31, 2008
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“If You Think You Can’t Get Filthy Rich From Simple And Easy-To-Create Information Products…Then These Amazing Secrets Will Prove Once And For All That YOU CAN!

This Never-Before-Revealed Step-By-Step Course Will Abolish Every Obstacle To Your Info Empire And Create Huge Fortunes For You In Any Niche You Want Whenever You Want!

From the desk of: Ewen Chia

Dear Friend,

hat you’ve been hearing is true – information sells like crazy.

It doesn’t matter which market you go into, or if it’s online or offline…the easiest and hottest selling ‘commodities’ are at their very core informative.

Here’s why…

People buy things because they want to learn and know more about topics they’re interested in, and they will continue buying because knowledge is infinite.

Think about it. When and why have you purchased information yourself?

You don’t need me to tell you this but…

Information Sales Is Responsible For BILLIONS In Profits Every Year!

One thing’s for sure: If you want to rake in huge income on a consistent basis on the internet, then you need to focus on selling information.

More importantly, you need to sell the right information to the right people who are looking precisely to buy it.

Sounds easy? It is. This is a real ‘secret’ to online success.

The question is…

How Can YOU Profit Like Crazy From This For A Real Slice Of The Multi-Billion Dollar Cash Pie?

There’re a number of ways, with the ‘normal’ methods being affiliate marketing, resale rights, content sites and eBay.

To take a quantum leap into success though, what you really need are YOUR OWN information products.

This puts you into a position of power, with the power to profit wildly!

In fact I’d go so far as to say that you won’t be able to hit your full money-making potential unless you’ve at least…

ONE Hot-Selling Information Product Of Your Own!

I realize this early on, as did many marketers and ‘gurus’ you hear about, and built an information empire for riches beyond my imagination.

There’s absolutely no mystery about it – you need your own information products if you want to succeed wildly.

Tell me, how would you like to…

…Achieve FULL Financial Independence, Live The Lifestyle You’ve Been Dreaming Of And Have The Power To Write Your Own Paychecks Anytime You Want?

It’s more than possible, and it’s really up to you.

You don’t have to depend on anybody else, you don’t have to ‘slave’ for measly wages. You can be the one calling the shots.

Think it’s hype? Think again. I’ve done it and so have thousands of other ordinary people who have ‘discovered’ the secrets to information riches.

Talk is cheap so here’s proof. Below you’ll see my ClickBank sales for just one information product in August 2005:

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Adult Traffic Riches | Make Insane Online Money

Mafioso Marketing

August 30, 2008
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“Discover How One High Roller Went From Nothing To Six Figures In One Year… Mercilessly Dominating Niche Markets By Using Heavy-Hitting Marketing Tactics!”

From the desk of: JD “Spadino” Swanson
Don’t worry where I am… what are you, a snitch?

Dear Babbo:

All my life, I’ve been told there are two people – winners and losers.

And there’s no way in hell I ever planned on being the latter.

So even before I officially became an Internet Marketer…. I knew I’d dominate the ‘Net with the same vigor as a fox in a henhouse.

Because that’s the way I do things.

It was no surprise that within a year, I was the Boss of Bosses¡­ Capo di tutti capi and a BIG earner¡­ if you know what I mean.

And because of that… I have the power to teach anybody how to make a LOT of money.

(I’m talking suitcases-full-of-hundred-dollar-bills kind of money.)

So let¡¯s cut to the chase. Listen to to me and you can be a high roller faster than the time it takes to say…
“I’m Begging You… Please Don¡¯t Clip Me!”

Because this is some brain-dead easy sh*t.

But don’t take my word for it. Look at what people say about me…

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Information Marketing for Beginners | Info Marketing 101

Beginner Affiliate Marketing from Launchpad to Liftoff

August 29, 2008
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Price $49.50

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I Just Couldn¡¯t Find A Clearly-Written,
Step-By-Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing…

So I Wrote One Instead.

-CindyAnn Williams


* The Simplest Way to Earn $7,365+ a Month!
* Easy-to-Follow Progress Checklists!
* Organized and designed by a professional educator.
* Updated May 2008 With The Latest Success Strategies!
* 8-Week 100% Money-Back Guarantee
* 3 Bonus ¡°Next-Step¡± eBooks, FREE (a $61.00 Value!)


Frustrated With Trying To Make Money?
Please Read This Site…
Because You’re Not Alone (Really.)

Yours Free!

Sign up today for your free report! This special document contains detailed information on how to avoid the top 12 biggest home business mistakes!

The Dirty Dozen: Avoiding 12 Big MistakesThat Can Ruin Your Business!
First Name:

I hate spam! I will never share your name or email address with anyone.

Ever been bored senseless by a textbook? Ever asked an “expert” a question and gotten fifteen minutes of technical jargon that just didn’t make sense?

Ever bought a book on making money that just launched into a method without explaining where they got it from?

Join the club. We members have already learned one very important thing… Just because someone knows what they’re doing, doesn’t mean that they can teach it.

Educating someone requires patience, organization, and a careful attention to details.

Educating someone requires the ability to remember what it was like to not know how to do something. For twenty years, I taught 5th and 6th graders how to do things you and I take for granted.

In those twenty years, I mastered the art of “education” and applied it in my daily life.

Teaching was, is, and will forever be, my calling. But what I teach can change.

And one fateful day, it did.
How I Clung To My Life’s Passion…
When My Life Was On The Line

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. In just a few short months, it ripped my life apart, forcing me to leave my job, at first temporarily…

And then permanently, as the treatments that saved my life also left me unable to perform my job as a teacher.

All of a sudden, I had a whole lot of extra time, and no students to teach. Worse, the treatments left me and my husband heavily in debt.

So I started hunting online for a solution to my problems. I found a lot of online material, and bought a few books in the hopes that it would make a difference. I also borrowed some instructional material from the close friends who introduced me to Affiliate Marketing.

The problem is, none of those materials were easy to read or understand. They were filled with repetitious blabber about how much I was going to “benefit from their program.”

Worse, since none of these writers knew how to teach, they also didn’t understand the importance of tracking progress!

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Keyword Cockpit | Instantly Uncover the Most Profitable Keyword Terms

August 29, 2008
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Price $47

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Dear Friend,

As I HATE long FLUFFY sales letters that promise you Diamonds only to deliver Cubic Zirconia…

… I wont put you through another sales pitch … but pinpoint what Keyword Cockpit is and how it can ASSIST YOU in uncovering the most PROFITABLE Keyword Terms that are essential to every part of your Marketing Campaign …

Keyword Cockpit is a Windows based application that will enable you to …

keyword cockpit

trend cockpit Analyze Real Time Actual Keyword Searches (for FREE!)
trend cockpit Focus and Understand the Market’s Searching Behavior
trend cockpit Assess and Find the Highest Converting Keyword Terms
trend cockpit Easily Predict the Costs Associated with Targetting Your Desired Keyword Terms
trend cockpit Determine the Market’s Current Competitive Environment

In addition, Keyword Cockpit includes a Step by Step Video Tutorial that will allow you to gain an “Over the Shoulder” look on how to efficiently find and utilize your newly found Profitable Keyword Terms …

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The Rich Punk

August 28, 2008
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Been working that 9 to 5 and still broke… right?!
Let me give it to you straight… I dropped out of school just a few years ago. It wasn’t for me because I was a lazy SOB who just like you (you may not want to admit it) was just waiting for someone to hand over a million dollars so I could blow it on something fairly stupid like a couple of nice cars or big house. Obviously that didn’t happen and I pretty much got the boot from my parents house. I figured I better get my act together and dabbled in just about every damn thing you could imagine which, only 3 years later, has lead me to earning several million dollars yearly on internet.

Ok, go ahead and call BS, but first, check out my proof here.

I’m damn sure you haven’t seen anyone earn nearly that much and if so then go ask them how they did it. I can assure you that it took them a lot longer than 3 years and they worked their old butts off to get it. By the way, what made you come to this page… was it the free toaster offer, or just my good online marketing skills? We’ll get to that later.

Why should you listen to what I have to say?

Hey, don’t if you don’t want to but check out below…

Yeah, they are both brand new and came with plastic wrap still around them. I hate driving and I don’t know a damn thing about boating. Why am I telling you this?…

BECAUSE I MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR… and did I mention… I’M ONLY 23 YEARS OLD. Wasting money is just what I do because it flows in every day and night for me non-freakin-stop.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “I’m an old geyser and can’t possibly make money on the internet.” Well let me fill you in. I touched a computer for the first time AFTER I quit school. Within 2 weeks I was making enough money to pay my bills and within 2 months I was making thousands of dollars per day.

Let me put it this way…

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The Ultimate Entrepreneur

August 28, 2008
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“Be a fly on the wall as the two ‘GREAT LEGENDS’ of Internet and direct marketing — Corey Rudl and Dan Kennedy — discuss how you can make Millions of Dollars using the Internet teamed up with direct mail, radio, TV, classified ads, Yellow Page ads, infomercials, and MORE!

PLUS — Dan and Corey reveal how to start OR expand your first business… and then GROW with the right balance of advertising to generate MAXIMUM WEALTH, with minimal risk!”

IMPORTANT WARNING… This very special ‘limited edition’ of The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur that includes THREE SUPER Bonuses valued at $329.92… but yours FREE is only available to the first 250 people who claim their copy.

… After that, I will either REMOVE these bonuses from this package forever OR, I will consider raising the price to $1,499.00 or MORE to avoid diluting the value of the strategies revealed in this priceless audio recording — still a bargain (when you consider Corey’s consultation rates were $2,790 per hour — and Dan’s rates are $9,600.00 per day).

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Traffic On Steroids

August 27, 2008
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Who Else Wants To Know How To
Quickly And Easily Generate Massive Traffic?

Discover The Simple, Yet Little Known Secret Of Massive Traffic Generation, Now Completely Automated With This Amazing New Technological Breakthrough That Keeps
The Search Engines And Your Visitors Coming Back
Again And Again And Again…

Achieve Higher Search Engine Rankings And Better Conversions Through Repeat Visitors,
In Less Than 60 Minutes

Just Set It Up And Forget It!

Dear Friend,

The key to a successful Marketing campaign is in the ability to generate targeted traffic to your site. And most of us spend TOO MUCH of our time trying to figure out HOW to get those hungry targeted prospects to our sites so we can convince them that OUR site holds the solution to their problem!

The question is…

Once You Get Them There…How Do You Get Them To Come Back?

Now, you might believe…”If You Build It, They Will Come?” But I promise you it just doesn’t work that way! Why do you think so many people have written volumes on the subjects of Search Engine Optimization, Meta Tag Strategies, and countless other traffic generation systems?

All of that information is very useful, but you could spend the rest of your life reading and studying those books until your brain turns to mush. Or until you literally give up in disgust!

But there is hope!

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Secret Spider Generator

August 27, 2008
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Price $97.00

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How Would you like to have the the KEY to Google’s Back Door?

Now you CAN!

Now you can submit ALL your webpages to Google through their Back Door with their full blessings!

It’s easy, fast and very effective! A child could do it.

I couldn¡¯t believe my own eyes!

I submitted my website to Google through their back door on Friday evening.

By Sunday morning, they had already spidered 74 web pages. On Monday they spidered another 110 web pages, and the next day even more!

This is truly going to revolutionize the way that people submit their web pages to Google.

In this report I will show you will show you exactly how YOU can use Google’s back door…. with their blessings.

I’ll show you:

The easy way to get Google to look at your website
How to get MORE of your pages listed
Why Blogging and Pinging is OBSOLETE
Why Google WANTS you to use their back door.

From the Desk of Frank Sousa,

Have you been as frustrated as I have about how long it takes Google to ¡°spider¡± your webpages and get them listed in the search engines? Do you find yourself checking each day or each week to see how many more of your pages Google spidered?

ARE YOU LOSING MONEY because Google doesn¡¯t have your pages listed?

Well, you¡¯re not alone. I have thousands of web pages, and it can be excruciating to wait for six months or more or NEVER to get Google to spider through the entire website.

Sound familiar? Yes, it CAN take a long time….

But don¡¯t blame Google!

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MrX’s pdX-Factor – Reveals his Secrets how to make serious money on the web

August 26, 2008
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Still searching for that elusive ‘Lazy Way’ to Make Money Online?

Dear Friend,

Heard it all before right? Wrong! I doubt whether you’ve come across a business like this before. Because if you had, you wouldn’t be reading this letter. You’d be making so much easy money you wouldn’t be interested in what I’m about to tell you.

You see…I’ve been making a very good living on the Internet for years, and up until now what I’ve been doing has been my closely guarded secret. When you find a niche like I have, you don’t really want to share it with anyone else.

But, as I’m now in semi-retirement, I’ve been persuaded by a few close friends to let you in on my ‘little’ secret, and because the market for this kind of business is so vast (and growing bigger every day), my sharing this information with you, will in no way affect my income. There’s certainly more than enough eager, hungry customers out there desperately searching for my products.

Whether you want to join me in this very lucrative business is up to you. You won’t find any hard sell tactics here. Just plain and simple facts, about a business I’ve been running for years from my home office.

With this business…
* I don’t have to commute to work¡­¡­ What a waste of time that is!

* I don’t have a boss¡­.. I’m the boss!

* I can work when I feel like it. Or, don’t work at all, if I don’t feel like it¡­.. It’s my choice.

* All the information and other works I use are¡­. freely available.

* The software I need to help me is also¡­. freely available.

* The customers I sell to are ready and waiting¡­.and VERY eager to buy.

Thanks to this business…
* I don’t have a mortgage, I don’t have anything on credit and I don’t owe anyone anything.

* I’m my own person and only I decide how I want to live my life. Isn’t that how it should be? You better believe it.

Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for?

Well, here it is…

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Brad Callens Press Release Fire

August 26, 2008
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Price $19.95

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You Are About To Learn:

* How to get more links to your website from others, without complex software or linking strategies ¨C for free.

* How to geometrically multiply the traffic your site receives ¨C and I mean real traffic from targeted visitors, not some junky artificial traffic spikes.

* How to establish instant credibility for your and your product or service ¨C and have others start working diligently to continue building that credibility for you.

* How to increase the number of opt-ins you get on your web site, building your list like never before ¨C and these will be the highest quality opt-ins you have ever seen, people who desperately want to hear what you have to say!

* How to watch your income climb steadily, day after day, week after week, as your site¡¯s traffic and your reputation increase almost as if by magic.

* You Will Learn All Of This And More By The Time You Finish Reading Every Word On This Website.

Take the phone off the hook…

…close your door, pour yourself a fresh serving of your favorite beverage, and read this web page carefully. In fact, you might want to print it out and make notes on it as you go¡­

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Become an Expert in 30 Days Or Less!

August 25, 2008
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Price $67.00

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Attention: Discover The Proven Little-Known Secrets Of Becoming An ¡°Instant Celebrity¡± In Your Niche…Which Will Generate Easy Fame And Fortune For You On Autopilot!

Here¡¯s why 2 super-successful experts who burst onto the scene in just a few short months to dominate their respective niches, would want to reveal their innermost secrets to instant fame and success! Read this urgent time-limited message now¡­
“How To Become A Famous Expert In Your Niche, Enjoy Fame And Fortune, And Dominate Your Competition¡­In 30 Days Or Less Guaranteed – Or Your Money Back!¡±

¡­Even If You Don¡¯t Have a Book, Can¡¯t Write Articles, Have Any Business Cards¡­Or Even a Web-Site Now!¡±

Question: Have you ever wished that you could sit down for a couple of hours with the experts and get them to reveal their jealously guarded secrets?

Learn how to use Ewen’s and Fabio¡¯s proven system for creating your own wildly successful business online AND offline and become an expert in your niche in less than 30 days from now!

From: Ewen Chia and Fabio Marciano

Re: Fame And Fortune In 30 Days Or Less!

Dear Friend,
f you have a home-based business, a consulting practice or an internet-based business, then you simply cannot afford to leave this site without finding out how you can dramatically improve your income-earning potential¡­overnight!

There are numerous ways to increase your sales and get more clients. And¡­ because there are so many different ways of doing this, new business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself are totally lost and overwhelmed with the vast amount of information out there…

So Much So That You End Up Feeling Frustrated And Downright Confused About What Really Works To
Get You More Clients and Make You More Money!

We understand this completely, in fact we faced the exact same situation as you’re probably facing now when we first started out…until we ‘discovered’ a powerfully simple formula to skyrocket our success.

This easy to understand formula has finally helped us to cut through the maze and turned our past failures around. So if you want to stop the pain, then you need to learn from our past mistakes and get started on a proven plan instead!

In fact we can go on to say that – if you follow our simple instructions, we *guarantee* you will become an expert in your niche within just 30 short days!

We reveal the secrets no one else is telling you, and you’ll learn time-tested proven strategies you can use right now to instantly raise your status in your niche and make more money – all with little effort on your part.

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Expired Domain Secret

August 25, 2008
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Price $47.00

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Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

You have probably gasped in disbelief to think that people are willing to spend an insane amount of money to buy good domain names on the internet (For example traded for $7.5million and sold for $3million!!)

Now, I am hardly surprised because I too can spot properties that can fetch million of dollars with my years of experience in real estate. So I figured since I know the tricks and secrets of trading real estate, trading in domain names that are simply virtual real estate shouldn’t be any different from the REAL world, right?…. How wrong I was!

My name is John Khu. I have been a trading in commercial properties for more than 20 years and I remember starting it the hard way. When I first started, I had absolutely no idea how to spot a good property, how a little signage down the street can make a difference in price or how a simple corner layout can mean selling it for a million more or a million less!

But I was determined to succeed and dared to take chances. After years of learning the ropes and making sound judgements, I have made enough money to give myself an early retirement!

While I don’t really need to make any more money, it has always intrigued me on how money can be made on the Internet so easily especially if there is something that can give me a good return on my investments.

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The Hidden Sales Project | Learn How The Gurus Make Money

August 24, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $97!

Instant Download in the VIP Section Join Now!

Discover The Ultra Top Secret Sales Processes That Most Gurus Never Tell You About – But Use Everyday To Make Money Hand Over Fist…

And how you can start using these secret techniques today – – and see staggering profits by tomorrow!

Dear Marketer,

If you have been trying to make money online for any length of time then I imagine you have heard the only way to be truly profitable in this business is to create your own products.

But, what would you say if I told you that the whole product creation aspect is only worth a tiny fraction of the real online cash?

It’s just a spec on the map of the real money.

Besides, the only people that are making any cash off product creation are the guys that are selling their “How-to create products” info-products.

The people that are generating the absolutely ridiculous sums of money month in and month out, year after year, know something that most others don’t.

What Exactly Do They Know That Others Don’t?

We’ll get to this in just one second. I’m not going to beat around the bush on it or give you just enough of a “taste” to get excited either.

No, I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal exactly what it is that these big money marketers are doing, but not talking about…

But first, consider this…

What is the one thing that is TRULY missing from most of the products that we see getting launched, day in and day out…

Week after week?

It’s the steps, that’s what’s missing. Most of these ebooks are filled with high level thinking – theories that may or may not work.

But where’s the “Step #1 – do this and your result is this, Step #2 – do that and your result is that”?

“Discouraged And Frustrated”

These words showed up endlessly in a survey I took a couple months back.

Marketers – good people that were trying to make money online are feeling discouraged and frustrated because they’re not getting the results that all these overblown ebooks are promising.

Perhaps you’ve felt this way too?

Perhaps you’re one of the many that have struggled to generate a significant income online and you’re still trying to find that key to incredible online success?

Well, if that’s the case, if that’s you too…

Don’t fret one second longer, because what I am about to impart to you, if you’ll have it, can transform your life and catapult your profits.

If you’re finally ready for the success that you truly deserve.

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Project Covert Persuasion

Operation Affiliate Storm

How To Promote On Youtube To Make Money & A Secret Technique To Get Sales From Facebook Ads!

Build A Virtual Real Estate Empire

August 24, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $47.00

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G¡¯day mate,

This is Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay, we¡¯re a couple of internet marketers from Downunder (that¡¯s right, Australia), if you¡¯ll give us a minute of your time, I think you¡¯ll be happy you did.

Let¡¯s start with our story, because we think you¡¯ll find it¡¯s similar to yours… you see a few short years ago we were just good mates, Marc was in the Royal Australian Navy (don¡¯t hold that against him) and Daniel was bouncing back from a ¡®learning mistake¡¯ in the offline business world.

We could see that there was a life to be made working online but we didn¡¯t know where to get started, and probably quite like you, tried every ¡®system¡¯ under the sun to figure out what worked and what didn¡¯t. Yes, even we bought into the crap that is ¡°make money online overnight! Just push this button!¡± The truth is, it wasn¡¯t until we started applying the fundamentals of the internet, building solid sites that helped the end user that we actually moved ahead in leaps and bounds…

Now, fast forward to today, and we have a thriving business, and our clients and end users of our sites respect us for the standards we set in service and quality.

See, that¡¯s about the typical story… someone struggles, and then ¡°magically¡± they find the answer… the key to their success! And boom, they¡¯ve hit the big time…

The truth is, there is a key, and it¡¯s different for everyone, but what people seem to leave out, is the 18 months of 16 hour days, the commitment and perseverance that it took not to give up.

What you¡¯re going to read here isn¡¯t some hyped up letter that promises the world and fails to deliver, we have never been like that, and never will be like that.

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Domains Into Dollars – Become A Virtual Real Estate Tycoon

August 23, 2008
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Price $47.00

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This billion dollar industry wants to keep you out…

“Discover Why A Sinister Death Threat Caused This California Attorney To Expose Their Secrets And Reveal Exactly How These People Are Making Their Fortunes!”

Now, it’s your turn to get wealthy from this billion dollar industry, poised to explode, and slated to reach over 4 billion dollars in just 2 years…

As I was heading home from the office I received the call that would change my life forever.

It was Thursday the 16th of June, 2001, a beautiful day outside, and I had the top down… looking forward to the ride home.

These next few minutes… they will be burned into my mind for the rest of my life. Just as I was about to pull onto highway 404, my cell phone rang.

“Phil”, he said. “Yes, this is Phil, who’s this?” “I’m the guy that’s going to make your wife a widow Phil. You’re a dead man.”… click.

Freaked out, I tried calling the number back, but I just got a busy signal. My mind was racing a thousand miles a minute and I had to pull over to collect myself.

Whoever just called me had threatened my life.

More on this in a second…

But first…

Tap into this ‘underground’ billion dollar industry and transform your life…

Making enormous sums of money on the Internet is super simple, once you know what I know. There are thousands of people making fantastic fortunes online each and every day.

Yet, if you look at our economy in general, foreclosures and bankruptcies are at an all time high. The threat of a major recession looms and people all over the US and many parts of the Western World are close to or already contending with financial ruin.

So why is it that so many people are struggling to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck, while a select few are making money hand over fist in this secretive industry — both quickly and easily?

Imagine yourself never having to worry about money again… your accounts always flush with cash, and you able to do with your days as you please.

Allow yourself to imagine buying whatever you want to buy, taking exotic vacations several times a year, and ensuring that your family and loved ones will always be taken care of…

This could be YOUR reality in just weeks from now… once you discover the incredible secret I am about to impart to you, if you’ll have it.

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Blog Profit System

August 23, 2008
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Price $49

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“Learn Step-by-Step With Video Tutorials How to Create Your Own Network of Blogs that Profit and Grow All On Automatic…”

Setting up blogs can be such a time intensive task. Stop Wasting Time trying to set up your Blogs. You can now have a fully automated money generating network of blogs that grow and work for you 24 – 7!

Dear Friend,

Do you want to have a brand new site with constantly updating FREE content… instead of wasting hours posting articles and maintaining a site? Would you like to set up your automated blog and forget about it, your content is now on auto-pilot.

If so, then we can show you everything you need to get you up and running with your own self-updating blogs that can make you “handsfree” profit, day in day out. And you don’t even have to spend 1 penny on software!

Introducing the Blog Profit System:

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Traffic Czar | Command All The Traffic You Desire!

August 22, 2008
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Price $394.00

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Looking For All The High Quality Traffic You Can Handle?
“Michael Green finally reveals his personal traffic secrets ¨D
responsible for hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in sales;
read on… because there’s a small catch…”

Dear Friend,

Content may be king, but it’s the amount of quality traffic that you receive that will ultimately secure your online realm!

Or to put it another way… there’s pointless peasant traffic… and then there are high-quality loyal website subjects… those who are prepared to buy from you ¨D and do it today!

Sadly a lot of website owners believe that auto-surf-generated junk-traffic will do the trick, but then they scratch their heads and wonder why their conversion rates are so derisory. No wonder! What you urgently need is splendid high-quality real-life buying traffic with people visiting your domain from all four corners of the globe.

But until now, securing respected traffic has usually been an expensive PayPerClick kind of hit ‘n miss affair!

But that’s about to change (though only for a few noble individuals)…

Can You Imagine Commanding
A High Quality Traffic Empire?

Let’s just assume for a moment that ¨D like the emperors of old ¨D money was no object. And let’s say that you could buy $1,000 worth of Google Adwords PayPerClick every day and then regally direct all that traffic to your own website. Wow!

How many sales do you think you would make? Let’s take a quick look:

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Operation Money Pump

August 21, 2008
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Covert Super Affiliate Reveals The Dirty Little Secrets Of The Industry And How He Pumped $1,325, $5,115 And Even $25,078 In A Single Day

“Now You Can Legally Steal This Underground Super Affiliate’s Classified System That Cranks Out Five Figure Checks Even If You’ve Never Earned A Single Cent Online Before”

Listen up, I’ll give it to you straight…

You’re on this page because you’re wanting to make a sh*t load of cash… True?

If not then jump off this page because you have no right to be here because you won’t even be able to handle the brutal info I’m about to reveal…

You’re about to learn about Operation Money Pump and how I’ve personally been exploiting the marketplace to cash in big time.

Let me ask you a question…

How Would You Like To Earn $100,000 In A Single Month?

Sure, you’d love to earn that kind of money but you’re never going to… right?


Earning six figures in a month is easy

There’s just one catch…


Now I honestly believe absolutely anyone could do this but it’s not as simple as the lies you’ve been fed. There’s no method that’s ever gonna show you how to earn money from just a single mouse click. I’d love for it to be so simple but it just isn’t. There’s no magic red button you can press that will print you five figure checks without doing any other work.

You will need to put some work in

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Investment Banking Interview Questions | Careers | Jobs

August 21, 2008
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“Discover The Secrets To Nailing Your
Investment Banking Interviews – And Land Job Offers From Investment Banks
Paying You $60,000+ Bonuses…
Right Out Of College!”

If You Want To Learn How To Answer The Toughest Investment Banking Interview Questions, You Can’t Afford To Miss This Valuable Information!

PRE-TEST: These interview questions are fired at you now in quick succession by two bankers sitting opposite you. Are you capable of answering them on-cue, right now, with complete structure and accuracy?

“How would you calculate the value of a bond? What stocks do you follow? Do you play golf? What’s the best idea you’ve ever had and how will you top it? What is put-call parity? Tell me about a time you came up with an innovative solution to a complex problem. Without using paper, what is 17 x 8.5?”

If you can’t answer right now, your chances are slim to none.

Did you know that these are only a few of the 80+ questions that you could get asked at your investment banking interview…and you only get one chance to make your impression on these busy people?

Did you know that you don’t need overcomplicated theories that take countless hours to learn before you know how to answer investment banking technical questions…you just need some structure and some simple, basic knowledge?

Dear Friend,

If you’re like most college students trying to get your foot in the door in one of the most lucrative and prestigious careers around – investment banking – you’re struggling to find a way to convert those hard earned interviews into full-time job offers and internships.

I mean, let’s face it…

Investment banking interviews are the most stressful, rigorous, and some would say intimidating interviews out there, period. It’s safe to say that there is absolutely no point sending painstakingly written resumes and online applications…then having to pass numerical, verbal and reasoning tests…if you stumble at the last and most important part…The Big Interview.

Unfortunately, you may be one of those candidates who was convinced you nailed the interview and got the job…only to have got that devastating call and been rejected, after all that hard work.

To be quite frank, a shocking percentage of the positions at investment banks are now being filled by the people with inside contacts within the investment banks, so you have to be amongst the very best to get in via the regular application route…

But what really makes me wonder is the deep nervousness and anxiety that intelligent, qualified just like you go through before their investment banking interviews!

After some thought, I realized that it comes down to uncertainty…

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Legit Online Jobs – Real Work At Home Jobs and Opportunities for Everyone – promote yourself – adder, comments, bulletins, fives and more

August 20, 2008
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The Hi5Robot is a Hi5 automation tool, a Windows? application that can run on any PC running Windows? and having .NET framework 2.0 installed. This program actually sends real friend requests to real users. No more entering captcha security codes! This program bypasses all of that hassle! This allows full range of Hi5 search functions.

Hi5Robot is by far the best and the easiest to use piece of software there is. We have especially created this for ease of use for everyone.
Product Features:

* Add an unlimited number of friends to your network every day.
* Choose from 5 different sources when you are adding new friends.
* Send messages along with your friend request.
* Send bulletins to your current friends.
* Post comments to your friends.
* Accept fives.
* Delete outgoing friend requests.
* One year technical support and full updates.
* Trial version that allows up to 50 requests.

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From an idea to Price $37,641.85 in just 24 days!

August 20, 2008
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Price $39.95

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Who else wants to earn $37,641.85 in just 24 days?

? Use this easily duplicatable, exact same formula I used
? Use it as many times as you’d like to generate multiple streams of income

From the Desk of Frank Sousa,

There are many ways to make money on the Internet!

I should know. Over the past 12 years, I’ve tried and tested most of them, and I’ve made a good full time living off the Internet almost from the very beginning.

Working together with my two sons, we earn money in many different ways over the Internet today.

Yes that’s me there. This picture was taken on the beach in Hawaii… during one of those breathtaking Hawaii sunsets. What a beautiful place to visit! My wife and I love to visit Hawaii. When I came back from that trip, I had more money in the bank than when I’d left! It all came in on auto-pilot. That’s what I want to teach you.

At one time, I had worked as a corporate manager for a couple of different computer companies. I put in the 12 hour days, and the long weekends that it takes to “get ahead” in the corporate world, but no matter how hard I worked for “the MAN”, I could never really manage to get ahead financially. I was simply trading my hours for their dollars. (And not very many dollars either). I realized that I needed to get out of that Rat Race. I quit that Rat Race about 25 years ago, and I’ve never looked back!

I’ve been in my own business for 25 years now, with the past 12 being EXCLUSIVELY on the Internet. It’s a BETTER WAY TO LIVE!

But enough about me. Please read this very carefully! I’m about to spill the beans on one of the simplest and most profitable ways that we’ve ever used to make huge chunks of money quickly on the Internet.

How would you like to watch over my shoulder as I show you EXACTLY how I took this simple idea, and developed it into over $37,000 in CASH in just a little over three weeks? (It has gone on to generate MUCH more than that, and still continues to generate a regular income for us every month).

Here’s a small portion of our order log.

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Membership Software – Viral Minisites

August 19, 2008
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Price $97.00

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What is a Viral Mini Site?

Viral Mini Sites are websites that you can setup in a few minutes, promote one-time and profit from for months (or even years) to come.

Some internet marketers have spent years trying to build just one truly hands-free, money making website without even a sniff of success.
The FORMULA Revealed…

In fact, until just recently, only a handful of underground internet marketers with deep pockets knew the FORMULA to cranking out these kinds of websites.

Why? Because you must get the formula for generating viral Mini Sites exactly right or they just won’t work.

Now before you even ask, let me give you the elements of this formula…

The secret to setting all of your sites on complete, money-making autopilot is to automate the 3 most crucial components of your marketing campaigns…

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My Millionaire Secret – You’ll become a Millionaire today!

August 19, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $29.95

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Do you want to become a Millionaire Today? Then read on:

Dear next Millionaire friend:

Wouldn’t be nice if you could make a lot of money fast and with minimal effort? What about becoming a millionaire overnight? Yes, I’m sure it would. I was totally shocked and pretty amazed when it happened to me. I came across an amazing secret information, which is kept private and only major institutions like Banks and the best financial experts know about. Now it won’t be so secret
anymore, because I’ll be sharing this amazing information with you in an easy to read Secret
Report that only takes a few minutes to read.

You’ll be learning exactly how you can accumulate an astronomical amount of money instantly.
Some people would pay a couple of hundreds of dollars or even a thousand dollar for this information. You can make thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars! It’s absolutely up to you!

You’ll discover how you can make just $4.60 become $1,000! That’s right!!! This is NOT a mistake.
That is just four dollars and sixty cents for a return of $1,000! How about $32.47 for a possible return of $25,000? I thought that was really amazing but what really shocked me about this whole thing is how quick and simple it is. You can be a millionaire tomorrow!

We live in the information era and information today is power. If you had the power of passive income, generating the amount of money that you never dreamed possible, over and over again, while you spend more time with your family, take vacations, etc. Do you dream of stuff you can’t afford? Do you want a better house, a brand new car, a yacht but never had enough money? Think for a moment how your life would change if you had all the tools you need to make your dreams come true. You’ll be driving up a brand new Ferrari on the way to your mansion, spend more time with your family, have more than enough money to pay your bills on time, take cruise vacations, be your own boss and gain more credibility, more respect… Imagine your level of importance and how many people will be willing to be close to you!!! The tool you need is information. I was nothing but just another poor and broken guy before knowing an amazing secret that changed my life.

Since the first time I heard about this opportunity I got extremely interested in it. So I start studying and exploring all the possibilities and I have made several Millions of Dollars with techniques I created from the main idea.

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Becoming A Paparazzi Millionaire

Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate

August 18, 2008
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Price $29.95

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Making a Six-Figure Income From Passive, Hands-Off Affiliate Marketing Isn’t As Hard As You Think.

But Most People Fail Miserably (See Why Below)

So Here’s Exactly How I Do It, Step by Step…

But First – A Quick Word Before I Squash a Bunch of Traffic “Myths” That You’ve Been Led to Believe, As Well As Revealing The True Difference Between Making Pocket Change Online – Or Making a Fortune…

If you’re naturally skeptical like me, your gut instict is already telling you that this is where my big, flashy (obnoxious) red headline is supposed to be.

You know, the one that’s supposed to magically turn your brain into mush and allow my hypnotic ad-copy to take control of your motor skills and force you to order whatever it is I’m selling…

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Confessions Of A Solo Ad Seller – Build A List Of 3,621 Subscribers… And Start Making Bank Fast!

Fabian Lim’s Amazon Sleuth

August 18, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $27

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Watch Amazon Sleuth In Action!!!
– Click On The Image Below To View The Amazon Sleuth View Demo

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Traffic Bandits, Baby!

August 17, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $39 plus Price $9.95 per month

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Primer on Domains and Hosting
3. Primer on List Building with aweber
4. Target: Google
5. Target: MSN
6. Target: Myspace
7. Target: You Tube
8. Target: Craig’s List
9. Target: ebay
10. Target: High Traffic Forums
11. Other Venues Worth Targeting
12. Getting whatever you Need, Fast!
13. Conclusion

38,283 Words, All New & Original Content

“The ebook blew me away. I have read all the ones out there that cover these subjects and was expecting another book that just covers the basics and/or rehashed content. Man was I wrong! Your training manual describes advanced tactics based on very new ideas and even some good black hat type stuff. I would have to say that it’s not really for beginners, and I am quite surprised that many of these strategies were even revealed to be honest.”

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Oh No! Not another mobile website template? This time it’s WordPress baby!

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The Giveaway Formula

August 17, 2008
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Just Price $97

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“How to Build Your Email List Using Giveaways – Fast, Cheap, and Easy”

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

How many times have you heard that “the money’s in the list”?

No doubt, you’ve been told you need to build your email list to be successful online.

How is that working for you? Maybe you tried putting a signup form on your website, sat back, and waited for the flood of subscribers to come.

I’m guessing that probably didn’t work so well.

Maybe you’ve tried placing ads in ezines, sometimes waiting weeks or months for them to run, not knowing until then if they’d bring you enough subscribers to justify the cost of the ads. (I’ve spent as much as $10 to get one subscriber this way. Ouch!)

Pay-per-click advertising is faster, but keywords can get expensive, and there’s no guarantee that will get you anywhere either. (Google Slap, anyone?)

I’ve tried those methods, with mediocre results, and a lot of other methods, too.

Nothing I’ve tried compares to the incredible results I get from Internet giveaways.

I stumbled onto this rarely-discussed method of listbuilding a few months ago when I was invited to participate in a promo.

I was skeptical, but I got everything together, and was soon shocked by the results. My then-tiny list of about 50 people tripled on the first day of the promo, and it just exploded from there. (And those are all double opt-in subscribers who specifically asked to be on my list!)

Since then I’ve participated in many more of these promos, adding more and more subscribers every time, without spending a dime.

There’s a lot to like about this method of list-building:

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Binary Options Winning Formula

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STEP – BY – STEP eBay Dropship Formula, everything from A to Z!

Short Report Profits: Create An Insane Passive Income Online

August 16, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $27.00

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“Discover The Secret Breakthrough System Developed By A 17 Year Old ‘Kid’ That Will Flood Your Accounts With Cash Daily”

If A 17 Year Old ‘Kid’ Can Make Money With This System With Just A Few Hours To Spare Each Day… Then So Can You!

From The Desk Of: James Penn (The Teenage Marketer)

Dear Future Infopreneur

Don’t let my age fool you. Yes, I am young, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. It doesn’t mean you know more than me. You probably are older, wiser and more intelligent, but when it comes to marketing, that’s a whole other story.

I most likely make more money than you online. I’m not saying that to brag or to boast. I’m not saying that to belittle you. Im saying it because it’s fact.

BUT, I was like you just a year ago!

I was struggling to make one dollar online. I’d try all the “fad” systems, the get rich quick schemes, the ‘do no work and make millions of dollars’ schemes. Of course, they never worked.

I was left feeling disillusioned, down and depressed.

Perhaps you’re feeling like that right now?

Trust me, I know how you feel. I know you probably want to pack it all in right now. Everyone else seems to be making money apart from you.

Can I let you in on a little secret?

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Short Report Secrets – 7-15 Page Short Report Business System

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Becoming A Paparazzi Millionaire

August 16, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $97

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Could you point and shoot a Camera? Could you keep the editorial tabloid business in fresh pictures of your local celebrities?

$5000 In 7 Days…It happens!

Let me open your eyes with some amazing information. There are many ways a person can make a living. Some are pleasant, some not so pleasant but there is one very enjoyable way to make an easy 6 figure income or much more if you want it. It amazes me why people even bother to work for a living at all, when its possible to make so much easy money as a Paparazzi


Hi, Im Jeremy Weaver and I am a multi-millionaire. At the age of 27 I tried something new other than working under a car all day long as a mechanic. By 28 I made my first million snapping shots of famous and not so famous people as a (what some term us as) a Paparazzi. Today at 32 I am officially retired when it comes to earning a living, but I love what I do and I am going to show you, for the first time ever seen, how I do it. As far as I know, the knowledge that I am going to share with you is completely exclusive. You won’t find this information in a library and you won’t find the unique and valuable information I present here anywhere else. The only way you would get access to the information you need to succeed as a Paparazzi is by working with me and letting me teach you directly. The next best thing is what you have here. It’s even better, because I have taken the time to sit down and carefully examine what I do and present it in a logical and forthright manner. You don’t even have to take notes, they are all in the materials so you can refer to them again and again.

Hello Jeremy, wow its been a few months since I picked up “Paparazzi Millionaire” and boy has time flown by. A lot has happened and I am just sending you a short note before I board a plane bound for Guatemala. I have a contact there that has spotted some big names holidaying down there. (Like a good “pap” Im not going to reveal my recon until I have cashed it in myself)
I haven’t had a chance to write you since then but I thought I would just thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was a stressed out high school geography teacher in my old life (just 2 months ago) Within 1 week of reading your work I had established 3 reliable contacts and got my first money shot which I got $5000 for from the local journal. I thought wow! when I got home that afternoon. That $5000 represents 10 weeks of full time work in my old job. I snapped the photo and had it sold within a day! This is it! This is my new life!!! Since that first job I have been lurking and snapping like crazy! My biggest payday so far was $12500 and my average proof goes for about $400 each, so I am not disappointed one bit. I don’t even work full time at this and I believe I will be on $300,000 per year when the year is up. Don’t worry, I certainly am not dissapointed. I am not a millionaire (YET!) but this is more money than I know what to do with!

Again, it is everything you promised and I thank you for having the good natured helpfulness to give of yourself like this.

There should be more people like you.
“The Paparazzi Millionaire” Rocks!!!
Your book is explosive!!!

Karen Shepherd
Florida, Miami, United States

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AdBrite Clone PHP Script

August 15, 2008
Filed under: SEO Tools 

Price $249

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AdQuick 2.0 – AdBrite Clone PHP Script

Get Optimized Web Hosting for AdQuick – Starts From Only $2.95 Per Month – Click Here For More Info

Free Installation + Free Updates & Support For Life
What Is This Script?
AdQuick 2.0 allows you to run your own ad network similar to websites such, and
AdQuick 2.0 will allow you to bring together advertisers and publishers, and you the script owner will take a cut from every ad sold through your adbrite clone website.

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How To Clone, Backup and Move WordPress Blogs! (In Less Than 10 Minutes!)

Twitter Scripts Bundle Package

BlogZapper Version 2: WordPress Blog Cloner, Backup Utility – Back Up, Restore Or Clone In Seconds!

BlogZapper – WordPress Blog Cloner, Backup Utility – Back Up, Restore Or Clone In Seconds…

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