Marketing Equalizer

July 31, 2008
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Price $97.00

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Attention: This may be the only chance you ever get to uncover an exact roadmap to conquer any market you want…

“Finally… Discover Breakthrough Marketing
Secrets To Utterly Devastate Your Competition — By Getting Their Customers To Refuse Buying From Anyone Else, But YOU!”
“Watch With Confidence As Your Profits Grow By Leap and Bounds… It’s Attainable With These Strategies To Establish Yourself as the Dominant Player In Your Market Place… Where You Have a Loyal Following of Eager Customers Busting Down Your Door!”

Dear Website Marketer,

It’s true! You, too, can ethically win control of your customers hearts and minds to dominate your market place. It’s easy… once you know how to unleash the full power hidden within your small business…

More traffic, sales, affiliate income, even higher search engine rankings and more Google Adwords visitors. All of this is yours, once you capture your potential customers minds using these astonishing tactics…

But, that’s not all they allow you to do… you no longer have to struggle to gain new customers, partnerships, or joint-venture deals anymore. Nope. They’ll come to you in droves because you are now the recognized force in your market place.

Struggling To Move Your Business Forward
Is Now A Thing Of The Past!

Even more importantly, the tactics involved aren’t science fiction. Rather, they are simply the essential marketing workings your business needs to stand above your competition on a giant pedestal… utterly crushing those below you…

And making your competition irrelevant. So, you no longer have to focus on beating your competition day-in and day-out… Constantly trying to stay ahead of them with the latest marketing technique or having to lower your prices. You won’t have to.

These tactics attract customers to you by bringing out the hidden potential in your business… Making it so appealing… that, even if your competition offers a lower price, they won’t stand a chance against you.

With that said, I know you must be wondering…
Where Did These Tactics To Win The Battle of The Customers Heart and Mind Come From?

You may be familiar with some of the software that I’ve developed over the years, including top Clickbank sellers Traffic Equalizer, Ad Word Analyzer, Blogging Equalizer, Article Equalizer and many others to help marketers, affiliates and search engine optimization experts make more money.

Together these tools have revolutionized the way marketers use Pay-Per-Click search engines and gain free search engine traffic, quite literally transforming the Internet landscape.

However, I didn’t always have this much success. I started over 5 years ago from absolute scratch.

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Submit Equalizer

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Information Marketing for Beginners | Info Marketing 101

WordPress Affiliate Pro – Ultimate WordPress Affiliate Solution

July 30, 2008
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Price $97.00

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If you’re currently using WordPress and not using WP Affiliate Pro, you’re wasting hours of time and leaving money on the table…
Instantly Identify, Manage & Track Your Highest Performing Affiliate Links Over Your Entire WordPress Blog In Less Time Than It Takes To Pour A Glass Of Kool Aid AND Make More Money Doing So.
“If you’ll give me 5 short minutes of your time, I’ll show you how to easily turn your blogs into deadly effective cash machines while working an hour per day or less, even if you don’t know how to write a single line of HTML code!”

romoting affiliate programs is one of the surefire ways to getting started online. The downfall to the traditional method for promoting affiliate programs, is the sheer amount of work that is involved in setting up, building and promoting your affiliate sites.

You’re spending days and weeks cranking out one site after another and likely still barely breaking even.

Let us be totally honest, this ISN’T ‘the next best thing that is going to make you thousands online’, but it IS going to increase your affiliate sales from your sites, and we’ll guarantee it.

If you’re willing to give me just 5 minutes of your time, we’ll show you how…
Here’s the short version of what WP Affiliate Pro does…

When you add a single affiliate link to your site, you have to manually open the text file containing an article, edit it, add the HTML code for the link, save it and then finally upload it to your web server or blog. It’ll take you 4-5 minutes if you’re really quick, and likely 10-15 minutes if you are still ‘figuring it out’… no wonder most people give up soon after starting. However…

WP Affiliate Pro can instantly add 1,000’s of compelling affiliate links to your blogs without touching a single line of HTML code and without editing your posts. Just imagine how much time this feature alone will save you.

* Easily promote new products with a single click of a mouse. It’s all about results, and less work for you. Work smarter, not harder!
* Increase your income and click rate with hidden, customized affiliate links. At the end of the month it’s all about how much money you put into your pocket.
* $0 stolen commissions with virtually untraceable affiliate links. Stop affiliate thieves dead in their tracks.
* Stop guessing what works and what doesn’t. You can easily see at a glance with laser precision what to change and where, optimize your blogs with a few mouse clicks, and watch your profits explode.

You don’t need a master degree to apply this system immediately and effectively. Heck, you don’t even need to learn HTML, PHP or other techie stuff like you had to if you were trying to do this the traditional way. The current average user of WP Affiliate Pro DON’T know how to effectly modify code, and they’ve had zero problems using it effectively on their blogs.

With the benefits from above still fresh in your mind, you’ll likely be burning with questions. Will it work for me? Is it easy to use? How much free time will I get from using this? Will I make more money? These are all very good questions, and they’ll all get their answers, the short of it is, yes, yes, a few extra hours a week, and yes.

For now grab yourself a cup of coffee and let’s get started with the first video, shall we?

In this video you’re going to meet with the system for the first time. Are you as excited as I am?

We’ll start very gently with an easy step by step introduction. Then we’ll slowly move into our first real world example, and you’ll watch as we add literally hundreds of affiliate links into our blog in less than a minute.

Here are only three of the exciting things you’re going to discover in this step by step video:

* How to easily find the keywords that have the highest chance to be clicked on your blog.
* The improved 3 step formula for adding 1,000’s of affiliate links in less than a minute.
* How to make your links so appealing to your visitors they’ll switch on auto click mode without thinking.

We’ll reach the peak with some fascinating ways to increase the number of clicks your affiliate links get. And more clicks mean only one thing: more money in your pocket, right? WP Affiliate Pro makes it all so easy.

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WordPress Affiliate Pages – EASILY create your own affiliate pages and sales pages. Works with ANY theme.

The Amazing Little WordPress Hack That Will Send Your Affiliate Sales Through The Roof!

Myspace Profit Videos

July 29, 2008
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Price $47.00

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This is a complete program, that will show you step¨Cby-step how to create a unique money-making system with huge potential and you can do it all from using MySpace, Adsense, and Affiliate Programs. This is everything you will need to set up MySpace to generate fat commissions and repeat it anytime you want…

Dear friend,

According To Newsweek, “Me Too” sites are the up and coming huge money makers on the internet. These types of sites are carving a new trend of internet success. MySpace is the biggest one of these sites and it would definately be to your advantage to be amongst the first to start making money from this unique idea…

It is unbelievably easy to get started with MySpace. All you need is a free account and some “friends”. Once you have these elements in place, you can begin making money. This system will show you how to achieve this step by step…

You may have heard the saying that “The Money Is In The List”. Well that is very true.
You will learn how to build and make money from multiple lists and do it absolutely free! No more paying for Google Adwords or Overture PPc – and no more buying links and doing complicated SEO voodoo. MySpace has done all the heavy lifting for you by attracting all the targetted prospects you can handle! Now, you will just tap into those and you are set!

This is a complete system that will show you how to make a huge Money making system using MySpace, Adsense, and Affiliate Programs. This is everything you will need to make lots of money in a relatively short time and repeat it anytime you want.

Here are the topics of the Videos:

Video 1 – Prologue Running Time 2:09
Video 2 – Basic Setup Running Time 5:48
Video 3 – Finding Profitable Niches Running Time 5:10
Video 4 – Finding Affiliate Programs Running Time 9:35
Video 5 – Setting Up Your MySpace Page Running Time 7:26
Video 6 – Creating Your Web Page Running Time 11:27
Video 7 – Getting a Domain name, Hosting, and Uploading Pages Running Time 11:30
Video 8 – Finishing Your MySpace Page Running Time 13:56
Video 9 – Blogging Running Time 7:53
Video 10 – Making Friends Running Time 7:37
Video 11 – Epilogue Running Time 3:22

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WP Article Uploader – Post Your Articles Automatically!

July 28, 2008
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Price $47.00

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Attention: Don’t even think about starting a blog without reading this letter first…

Discover The Absolute Easiest Way To
Take The Work Out Of Blogging…

This Simple Solution Lets You Schedule
Years Worth Of Posts In Minutes!

Re: An awesome new way to put your blog on autopilot

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Are you making the same mistake as 90% of bloggers and don’t even know it?

I’m constantly amazed at how many Internet Marketers are making blogging harder than it has to be. They know that having a blog is one of the best ways to promote their online business, but they’re wasting time and getting frustrated for no reason.

The key to success with blogs is to post new content every day. Sound overwhelming? Well it doesn’t have to be…

You just have to learn how to blog
SMARTER instead of HARDER.

If You Don’t Do It Right, Blogging Can Be Very Frustrating

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve tried blogging many times and failed miserably…


Because I didn’t have the time and patience to update my blogs and I eventually just forgot about them.

I hated logging in to the admin panels for each individual blog and manually posting my articles.

After all that work it was disappointing to see only ONE new post added. The whole process was boring and time consuming.

Does this sound like you?

So I fired up my programmer and developed a simple but powerful solution that completely automates the whole process and put your blogs on autopilot.

Now you can set up a new blog, add hundreds of articles (your own or ones you’ve purchased) and schedule them to be posted ¨C all within minutes from start to finish…

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$40 an Article Today? YES! YES! YES! [Never Write $5 Articles Again!]


Fresh Content For Your WordPress Blogs!

Killer Niche Marketing – Turbocharged bum marketing

July 27, 2008
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Price $37

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Dear Niche Marketer,

I always have been fascinated with getting top search engine rankings for my websites. It feels VERY good to see that your work finally pays off, and now you can enjoy the benefits. Imagine typing your main keyword phrase into Google and seeing your website right at the top of the results. Wouldn’t that feel great? Of course it would!

Finally, I have the blueprint that you can put into action, and enjoy the benefits of having top spots on Google!

SEO is not that hard as many of you might think. It’s actually quite easy, if you know what to do. There are so many different ebooks written on this topic, and a lot of them DO NOT reveal the real truth. I honestly thought, at one point, that there is some kind of conspiracy between the SEOs. Whenever I asked them for advice, they always seemed to make search engine optimization look like you need a 4 year degree to understand it. So I started testing for myself and discovered some real interesting facts:

– You do not need a huge budget to steal top positions on Google

– You do not need 10,000 page website to get there either

– You also do not need 5000 backlinks to make it work!

…and the best part is that once you get there, it’s targeted traffic on autopilot!

I have developed my own little niche mininet that brings in traffic daily for free. All my sites rank where I want them to! While other marketers are battling for the top spots on Google, I simply fly over them without even being noticed..haha

Are you failing with Adwords? How about getting your own little niche site that brings in traffic daily without your credit card being charged?

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WordPress Super Installer

July 26, 2008
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Price $79.00

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Who Else Wants to Discover the Secret to Quickly and Easily Install a Massive Number of Blogs that Force
the Search Engines to Your Websites?…

All While You Sleep, Guaranteed!

WordPress Super Installer Logo
blog and ping wordpress installer for blog farms


“Just bought your script also. You can’t beat the price. It seems like a great piece of software too.”

[PGI forum member]
Wordpress installer shadow


“v2.1 absolutely rocks. ….built 718 blogs in 6 hours (incl writing configs) slick very slick.” ”

Gary M.
[WSI User]
Wordpress installer shadow

Blogs Created with “Set-n-Forget It” Technology.

* No engineering degree required to use this script either folks!

* Online videos teach you what you need to know in record time to have you up and creating your profit pulling blog farm (blogfarm) in about 10 minutes

* You can now create blogs quickly and cheaply. No more manually creating blogs that can take up to 5 minutes of your valuable time PER BLOG

* If your using blog farms to bring traffic to your Adsense sites, you know for best results that you must create hundreds or thousands of blogs across many different servers to have the most impact – THIS SOFTWARE LETS YOU DO THAT EASILY!

* WordPress Super Installer now allows you to create these blogs super quick and without having to learn complicated applications, put up with bug filled software and countless updates.

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WP SUPER POPUP PRO: really grow your subscribers increasing rate by 400% | WP Plugins PRO



Google Nemesis

July 26, 2008
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the ridiculously low price of $77/month

“ClickBank Profiteer Raids Google for $1,456 Each Day, With New Software…”


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DJK Nemesis Blueprint

[OCCUPY GOOGLE 2.0] Force your way to the TOP of Page #1 of Google

[OCCUPY GOOGLE] Force your way to Page #1 of Google – And crank out thousands of dollars on autopilo

Rank Easy Google Peasy – Demonstrated way to Rank Page 1 on Google

Operation Affiliate Storm

July 25, 2008
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Instant Download in the VIP Section Join Now!
If you’re satisfied leaving thousands of dollars on the table, and watching as some other affiliate picks it up and jams it into his overstuffed pocket, then there’s no need to read any further…

But… if you want more than your share of conquered territory in the next launch war…

Give me 7 minutes and I’ll arm you with the weapons you need to storm affiliate beach bomb the competition into oblivion and plunder the massive stash of cash hidden in a product launch.

The best part is… how often you use these tactics to cash-in is completely up to you! You can do it over and over again… following this easy to deploy system…

…It’s as simple as…

You see it you want it you take it

You’ve tried to imagine a step-by-step plan that guarantees you victory every single time you hit the battlefield. Well… you can stop imagining, because with “Operation Affiliate Storm”…
You know exactly which products to sell, and which ones aren’t profitable enough to warrant your attention…

You build the perfect command post – A type of website that ensures the spoils of war go to you…

You wield the awesome power to covertly abduct buyers and drag them to your site… on the cheap, or even FREE.

You have the perfect attack and retreat strategy that guarantees you will make a killing, every single time…

You command a captive list of potential buyers, and know exactly how to stuff their cash into your gunny sack…


You making money?

I mean real money.

The kind of money those “select few” affiliates seem to make on every product launch.

Or does your affiliate strategy involve throwing your link up a few times and hoping for a single sale?

A Word From Chris X
Project X, Day Job Killer & Project Black Mask

“For the past year now, I have watched as my top affiliates go to work with military precision and stealth, promoting my products. I’ve observed there is a serious system a select few of my top earning promoters use to bring home thousands of dollars worth of sales in the first few weeks.

I know what you’re thinking, and NO they don’t have six figure lists and they don’t spend thousands of dollars in promotion. Interspersed between the famous marketers on my affiliate leader boards come complete unknowns. Marketers even I haven’t heard of. I like to call them my ‘under the radar’ stealth marketers.

What these super-rich underground affiliates have… is a plan. A competitive advantage over the rest of you, in those first few weeks of launch… where ALL the money is made. A battle plan that can be replicated week after week, for continuous affiliate sales and success.

Operation Affiliate Storm is that battle plan… and so much more. Just 1 of the techniques in this guide could bring you in over a thousand dollars per product launch, and if you have what it takes to follow this blueprint to the finest detail, I should be seeing you on my next launch leader board…”

– Chris X


If you don’t know the first thing about affiliate sales…

If the words “product” and “launch” don’t even ring a bell…

If you’re brand-spanking-new at marketing of any kind…

…then I’m not really sure why you’re still reading this, because…

…I promise this opportunity is not for you.

Or… maybe you’re part of the bleeding heart “Blame The Gurus” crowd, crying because there are people who rake in mounds of cash while you fight over discarded pennies found in the gutter.

Constantly whining…

You know who I’m talking about… those teat-sucking momma’s boys who need an excuse for why those other guys make money, and they don’t.

If you’re part of this crowd, I have something better than an excuse for you. I have the reason gurus win and you lose…

Ready? Write this down…

Gurus are damn smart.

Deal with it.

If you can’t, then…

…You too need to get out of here… go home… cry to your momma – because on this mission, there’s no room for babies.

Okay… now that the amateurs and the bleeders are gone…


If you’ve tried making money on affiliate sales, but failed. Or even if you’ve made some money, but know there’s a helluva lot more out there for you…

…then you better get on your knees and thank the almighty that you were sent to this website.

Because as you read every word on this page, facts will emerge that will make you question why you ever wasted time marketing like a Girl Scout.


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Stumble Upon Secrets – Your Source To Stumbling Traffic!

July 25, 2008
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Price $39.99
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Hot New Web Marketing Tactic Revealed: Learn How To Get A Huge Rush of Traffic within Minutes! (Not Days!)

Discover How To Get HUNDREDS (Or Even THOUSANDS) Of NEW, FRESH, and TARGETED Visitors To Your Sites TODAY by using only FREE Online Tools…

Dear Future Traffic Masters,

How many times have you spent weeks, or even months, sweating your brains out on a new website just to get every minute detail ready for launch?
Does this sound familiar to you?

The excitement builds up and all you can think about are all the visitors that will rush to your site the minute it launches. You envision the hit counter spinning so fast that it becomes a blur. You picture your site going viral and becoming the next top ranked site in Google, Digg, Alexa, Yahoo and more. You fantasize about your picture on the cover of Business Week as the next dotcom mogul. You KNOW the visitors will love your site once they find your site.

Then, it hits you: How will the first visitors find your site?

You’ve heard the rumors of Search Engines taking 3 weeks to 6 months to trust you enough to rank you for rare searches, not to mention the amount of time and effort it will take to get listed for common terms. You’ve seen how Digg can make or break a website so fast, that choosing Digg as a launch strategy has become a huge gamble. You can’t afford a basic press release, let alone the price to sponsor a dozen bloggers to review your site.

* Are you launching a website?

* Have traffic levels decreased significantly?

* Are you looking for an INSTANT boost of traffic?

* How many times have you said “Now I just need to figure out where to get visitors from.”?

Introducing Stumble Upon Secrets!!

I know that many people are familiar with StumbleUpon. They install the toolbar, and click, and click, and click somemore. StumbleUpon sends them a few visitors, but nothing significant. Not impressed, many people abandon StumbleUpon and look for new ways of getting traffic.

What they didn’t know was how to Stumble for optimum exposure! It is a little known fact that there are a few dozen secrets that you can use TODAY to boost your StumbleUpon traffic from a dozen or so visitors to HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of UNIQUE VISITORS DAILY.

And I have screenshots of a site I launched 3 days ago to prove it!

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“Wowee” New Bonus Added!.. You Haven’t Seen This Before. Ultra Targeted Pre-Sold Traffic For Pennies

Ultra Targeted Pre-Sold Traffic For Pennies. You Haven’t Seen This Before!

One of The Biggest Stumbling Blocks to Newbies Just Got Removed!

Public Domain Reports

July 24, 2008
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Price $29.77

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An entire world of new opportunities are about to be opened… there are thousands of new, important and profitable works coming into the public domain each month and you can start profiting from them right now!

“If you ever wanted to start your own business with the lowest possible risk and the highest possible profits then you owe it to yourself to investigate re-packaging and re-publishing public domain information!”

Discover the incredibly low-risk and extremely profitable world of creating businesses from scratch using recently expired copyrighted works that are now in the public domain! There is a vast treasure of information and creative works such as movies, music, books, manuals, photographs, posters, and more that you can access at ZERO cost (NO royalties or copyright payment fees, EVER!) that you can resell for 100% profits…

Date: Wednesday, 14 November 2007, 10:14am
From: The desk of Damien Dupont

Re: The David Vallieres Public Domain Reports – How To Profit From Public Domain Information

Dear friend,

I want to tell you a 100% true story about how a simple man with seemingly no ambition (who was constantly teased for too often ‘day dreaming’ while in school) created a business empire worth billions (yes, billions) using books that were in the “public domain”.

But first, if you’re not familiar with the term “public domain” allow me to help give you at least a general idea of the legal and business power contained in these two words. At a very basic level, “public domain” means…

…anything that is NOT protected under US copyright law. This includes ALL works published before 1923 AND, under certain conditions, works published up to 1978. A ‘work’ can be anything: a book, a play, music, photographs, movies, instruction manuals, courses, reports, posters, etc…

Re-publishing and re-packaging public domain information and other creative works can make you a lot of money. The reason is fairly simple: If you find, re-package and sell information that has fallen into the public domain you do not have to pay royalties or copyright fees on that work. Can you tell me about any other business that allows you to…

… resell an item over and over and keep 100% of the profits without paying a penny for the acquisition of it and not ONE CENT in royalties or copyright fees for its continued use?

In any normal business start-up you will be required to provide a Tax ID number along with other documents and proof of your business registration just to be able to buy products for resale! Then, until you’ve had a chance to establish ‘terms’ with your wholesaler, you’ll be required to pay cash, up front, for all your starting inventory.

If you’re buying widgets for $4.95 wholesale and selling them for $9.95 you must constantly re-invest that $4.95 in more widgets. In order to do a large trade in widgets you’ll need a large inventory! Before you even open your business door you’ll have to invest $50,000 to $100,000 in widgets and as soon as you sell one of them you have to take $4.95 out of that $9.95 sale and plunge that right back into buying more widgets! I call it the ‘black hole’ of retail business, because you will…

…constantly have up to $100,000 or more, depending on the type of business you operate, tied up in cold, hard inventory for as long as you are in business!

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I’m On The Lam Because Of This! My Only Way Out Is To Go Public Before They Catch Me!

Adsense Boy

July 24, 2008
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Price $150.00

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AdSense Money Maker – Increase AdSense Income Fast and Easy

First of all, please let me thank you for your interest in AdSense Money Maker – automated AdSense websites builder and AdSense income optimizer. If you visit this page, I guess you want to make big money from AdSense, learn about monetizing website, or increase current income at least. Unfortunately, it requires lots of time, perfect programming knowledge, and hard work.

Now try to imagine a different life: You own software which automatically builds professional and unique AdSense ready websites with high quality content, updates all pages automatically every day, and even promotes sites by sending links exchange requests or submitting links to popular directories. And it happens even when your lay in the beach, when your computer is turned off and disconnected from network. And all you need to – collect checks with your name on them. And you know what? You came to the right place!

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Adsense Fortress

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Adsense Tracker – Make more money from your Adsense ads by tracking your Adsense clicks

Simple Adsense Plugin Gets Results In Days – Finally A Fast Way To Make Money With Adsense!

Unlimited Subscribers

July 23, 2008
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For a Limited Time Only, You Can Use My Top Secret, Phenomenal, Tested and Proven, Super Fast List Building Software to Instantly, at the push of a few buttons…

Build a 100,000 Member Opt-In List Faster Than The Speed Of Light (Now That’s FAST!!!)

Hijack an Unlimited Amount of Opt-in Subscribers… Every Day Like Clockwork.

Only takes 9 minutes to setup.
Automatically builds your list 800% faster.
You’ll Get Results The fist day you use it.
Instanly GET PAID to build your list.
Simple to use… ‘push button’ easy!
Also allows you to build a huge list promoting affiliate programs.
So easy to use a ‘caveman’ could do it.
Saves you money the first time you use it.
100% guaranteed!

Dear Friend,

Charles Ryder here…

Unlimited Opt-ins at the push of a button! Does anything else really need to be said?

Well, I’ll continue anyway since you’re probably a bit skeptical, but even the biggest doubters should take the time to read this page (or at least print it out).

With unlimited subscribers on the line and a 100% guarantee, how could you not?

Alright then, let’s get started!

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How to Determine EXACTLY How to Get YOUR Subscribers to BUY From You . . . 200% Guaranteed!!!

$261 With Just 200 Subscribers In 3 Days [QUICK]

Over $26,935 in Commissions,88,078+ subscribers – Miracle Commissions Package ONLY $11

1000 Targeted Subscribers in Two Weeks – GUARANTEED!

Affiliate Rockstar Status

July 22, 2008
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Price $47

Instant Download in the VIP Section Join Now!
Tap Into the Mind-Blowing, Cash-Spewing,
Downright-Nasty, Secret System that Quietly
Pumped $451,340 into the ClickBank Accounts of A Syndicate of ‘Greedy’ Super Affiliates…
The Same Secret System that I use personally to Pump
Well Over $1000+/day + into my ClickBank Accounts.

Do you wonder “how” and “if” affiliates are really getting rich online?

Are you dying to discover the truth once and for all…if there really are dark secrets that the
6 and 7 figure super affiliates keep very quiet…the exact same fail-safe secrets that separate them from you?

Well if you really want to know the disturbing answer – to finally discover the shocking truth that may overwhelm you with anger…then read this whole letter very carefully…

Dear fellow affiliates and wannabe affiliates,

About 6 months ago now it finally happened. A private meeting took place between myself and a ring of underground super affiliates that I had been seriously tracking down for months prior to that…trying to set up the now infamous meeting.

These guys bragged that they had a killer proven system that laid waste to anything out there. That this secret system was able to produce affiliate profits almost on demand and that they were using it to literally clean house with clickbank.

Now I have to be honest, I’ve seen my share of dirty affiliate tactics – but nothing ever closely compared to what they showed me that evening. Methods that weren’t familiar. But maybe even more important. They also showed me proof that using this system alone they had generated $451,340 in 6 months strictly from their affiliate marketing efforts. That’s profit by the way – not gross sales. Almost a half million dollars.

I was completely blown away by what I was witnessing.

I had to have access. I begged and pleaded with them to allow me to test out their methods. After some time, I was able to cut a ruthless deal with these underground power players to allow me to use this super system as long as I agreed to keep my mouth shut – to clean up and not whisper a word of it…to anyone.

Quickly I implemented this “super affiliate methodology” and the results blew my mind.

Within days I was seeing my accounts go from a few dollars to days like $121.30 a day. In just weeks my earnings were hitting marks like $388.47 and $608.66 a day…

Then after just weeks, using this system.
$2,504.48 in one day in one account.

I couldn’t believe it. This day blew my mind. But what really sent me for a loop was the fact that…almost all of the profit I was seeing was from methods that didn’t include using pay-per-click. They were completely risk free and with no cost to me.

Yes, some methods that required no money upfront.

Quickly I’ve achieved what I call “rockstar status” but I can still remember where I was a little over a year ago. (Like it was yesterday.) Struggling to make a few extra dollars. Trying out every new tactic I would hear about to just make ends meet…

Well, it’s been eating me up inside. So much so that I’ve decided I can no longer keep my promise…this secret system must get out to the grass root affiliates. Those of you who are just like I was. The ones still struggling to make it all work. The ones who just can’t get the scales to tip in their favor. But this should come as no surprise. If I’m gonna unleash this monster…I can only release it to those of you who qualify.

If you want to know the dark truth, a truth that I feel obligated to expose, to get your hands on the blueprint that you can easily steal to finally get your piece of the pie, then I need to first know; can you handle the truth?

Are you committed to taking action on this? Be honest with yourself…
Yes, I want to live like a rockstar – the freedom, own the sports car of my dreams, travel to exotic locations, private jets, yachts, first class everything…

I want VIP access to the secret system – that I can “copy and paste”. The exact methods that have already created multi-million dollar empires, giving me the ability to blow cash excessively if I please…

Yes, I truly believe it is all possible and know that there are average joes getting rich everyday online, but I will have to radically change my thinking and follow this proven step-by-step blueprint to finally succeed.

It is totally acceptable to take control of my own life, and prove all of the
dream-killing naysayers wrong, my friends, family, and that weasel of a boss…

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Rockstar WordPress Designer 2 | Rockable Press

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Video Postro Bot – Upload Video Automatically

July 22, 2008
Filed under: SEO Tools
Value: $197

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“With The Simple Click Of Your
Mouse, Magically Activate A
‘Raging River’ of Video Traffic,
So Powerful… And So Lucrative… Generating Hordes Of Traffic Will
Seems Like Child’s-Play!”

For Reasons You’ll Understand In Just A Second, You May Never
Have This Golden Opportunity To “Cash In” Ever Again!

Dear Colleague,

Without spending a penny on Search Engine Experts, or Pay Per Click, or any of that mess, I shot my listing up to the top of Google in less than 16 hours flat!

I’ve never looked back since…..

I do it by using video, and here’s what this system got me:

#1 on Google out of 13.5 MILLION results!

#1 on MSN out of 3.8 MILLION results!

#1 on Yahoo out of 16.3 MILLION results!

And, 12,000+ Video Views in less than 16 hours!

And, I have only just begun to explain myself…

Friend, you can do the same thing…

Here’s proof:

On Friday evening, my test on the system began…

I uploaded my test video to 14 video sites at the same time using this system. I then went on to sleep…

Believe me, after weeks and weeks of working on the program — blood, sweat and tears — I was exhausted and just happy to get the video, and the system, executed…

Now that the program was complete, I would then be able to simply flick my finger, and submit tons of videos all over the place… anytime I felt like it!

And, that’s what I did right before going to sleep for the night.

And let me tell you, when I woke up and checked my inbox, I was floored at the massive results. The first thing I saw was tons of comments, messages and notices posted about my video while I was fast asleep.

It was at that moment, I picked myself up off the floor and just sat there and smiled in excitement — knowing all those long hours of work developing this system, was a smart, brilliant move… and finally worth it all!

In fact, after 16 hours and with no prior experience, my video reached the #2 spot on one of the most-popular-video-sites-on-the-planet!

Here’s more proof for you:

There you have it, 12,000 views in less than 16 hours! It was number 2 on one of the most powerful video sites around… As easy as pie!

From just one uploaded video, all this success came flooding in and all I did was fill in a few blanks on my screen and clicked my mouse. Presto!

Are you seeing the power in this?

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Squidoo Profits

July 21, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $47

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“Finally, You Can Now Steal My Top Secret Step-By-Step Plan, to Instantly Generate truckloads of Traffic And Money simply using this 100% FREE advertising method and no prior knowledge ! ”

From JP Schoeffel, creator of and

Dear Friend,

As you might know, I am a full time Internet Marketer. If you even know me a little bit, you know that I am much involved in Social Networks and in its impact on the future of the Net. This is often called as Web 2.0.

Being a full time Internet Marketer means I have to find new and effective promotional technics almost on a daily basis! is a powerful Web 2.0 site that I use for completely free advertising.

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Squidoo Evolution 2013: $100+ Days With Simple, Fast & Profitable Squidoo Lenses

Squidoo Myths Exposed

Squidoo Queen Meets Bum Marketing V2.1

Poker Site Profits

July 21, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $27

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Start a MEGA Profitable Online Poker Site Even if You’ve Never Played a Single Hand Before!

Ian, We just got your ebook on Poker Profits and building a website. WOW! Thanks! Very enlightening info!

–Alan Goodheart (Unsolicited testimonial from a happy buyer)

Dear Entrepreneur,

You might have noticed – there’s a bit of a buzz going around at the moment about an ancient little card game called poker! It’s growth has been nothing short of phenomenal, from shady back street roots to it’s current position as the most profitable business on the planet.

It seems like everybody wants to join in the fun, from stay at home moms to Harvard business graduates and from little old ladies to students who should be spending their time studying, poker is the Number 1 pastime around at the moment.

But far from just being an innocent way to spend an hour, poker has exploded into a money making juggernaut the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the initial days of the “DotCom” era – where anyone with a computer could throw up a website and start making money.

Poker – Live the dream!

People all around the world are buying into the dream.

Anybody, from any walk of life, can reach the final table of the WSOP – the world’s biggest poker tournament. And they can do it starting with just 5 cents using nothing more than their own skill and judgement (at least one major poker site is offering this for WSOP 2006). Poker is the ultimate free market economy, you can get to the very top if you are prepared to work hard and have the determination and ability to succeed.

Poker is HUGE, global and most importantly, a profit-pulling monster. The major poker rooms like Party Poker and Poker Stars rake in thousands of dollars every hour and with massive TV coverage of multi-million dollar tournaments it’s set to keep growing and growing.

And YOU can claim your share of the pie.
… “Ian, you have created a truly inspiring step by step guide that any novice or pro marketer can glean an amazing amount of info from. There is no other guide on the market that comes close to revealing how to build and run a profitable poker site like you do in Poker Site Profits.

The poker niche represents a huge opportunity for earning an ongoing ‘hands free’ income. I have no hesitation in recommending your guide, anyone looking to develop a residual income should take this opportunity – I urge you to jump aboard and ride the sails of the poker craze right NOW before every smart marketer wises up to the profit potential in this phenomenal industry!”

Phil Moulds,

I have developed a simple system for turning this massive interest in poker – especially online poker – into a lucrative business that anyone can copy. You too can be watching checks dropping through your letter box every month, and have a lot of fun doing it.

For the first time ever, you can learn the closely guarded insider secrets of how to run a successful poker site to produce a residual income that will increase month by month. In fact once you put this tested and proven system into action, you won’t be able to turn off your money tap even if you wanted to!

Introducing Poker Site Profits…

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Plus One Profits by Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos

Simple Novice Profits – Sell High, Buy Low, Pocket Profits! – Risk Free Income!

Reach The Top Of Google In 3 Days

July 21, 2008
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Price $29.97
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“Discover How To Get Your Website Listed On Google, Yahoo & MSN In Just 3 Days & Beat Even The Toughest Competition To The Number 1 Spot For The Keywords Of Your Choice!”

Free Web Site Traffic

That’s quite a headline above, but that’s exactly what this product can do for you. Today you’ll either click away from this web site, losing out on the rare opportunity
to skyrocket your success and the amount of quality search engine traffic visiting your web site ¡­ or¡­ you’ll keep reading and learn the secrets to driving thousands of prospects to your web site everyday…. forever!


Hey Mark,
Wow! Your book might be concise, but it gets right down to the heart of literally conquering the search engines. I am very much impressed. I’ve read countless books about search engine optimization, but I found yours very much different, one-of-a-kind, and top-notch. Short but very powerful. Outstanding work! You’re too kind to share your precious secrets to the world.

Micheal Lee

The Key To Search Engine Success Is Below, Go Grab It NOW

Hi, my name is Mark Flavin. I have spent quite some time building web sites & for a large portion of that time I couldn’t figure out how to get my web sites into the search engines. Then I finally discovered what I am about to reveal to you today and it changed the way I marketed online forever!

You may be wondering why I am giving away such valuable information, well there are two reasons.


I hold one of the greatest secrets to getting into the search engines know to man . This information will always be valuable. No matter how many times the search engines change there algorithm or their way of ranking web sites this will always work! Therefore I hold information that every internet marketer alive wants and therefore to be perfectly honest I can sell such valuable information for a profit! Now you wont find too many marketers telling you the real reason there trying to sell you something, will you..??


I am sick and tired of the recycled garbage produced by the so called “Guru’s” They are nothing more then thief’s living off the hopes and dreams of other people selling them software and useless information that is of no use to anyone unless you already have a mailing list of over 5000 subscribes and a web site generating thousands of hits a day. I swear these people anger me so much… Anyway before I have a heart attack I’ll continue.

Before I tell you what my program is I just want to make it clear to you what it is not, so you can see for yourself what makes this program so different from everything else around..

Let me tell you what The Conquering The Search Engines System is NOT:

It is not another Google AdWords program.

It is not some “recycled information” you have seen time & time again.

It is not a banner exchange program.

It is not some pie in the sky SEO tactic.

It is not a pay per click program.

It is not web site submission tool

It is not how to scam search engines using cloaking.

It is not a link building program.

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Take a Simple Video From ZERO to Page 1 of Google in a Matter of Days, & Bring In $2802 in a Month!

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Xtreme Rankings – Easily Learn Search Engine Optimization and Increase Google Ranking

July 19, 2008
Filed under: SEO Tools 

Price $77

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How I Went From Losing Money on Google Adwords to Earning 5-Figures A Month from Free Search Engine Traffic…

Products that taught paid advertising never helped me to make more money, so I took the narrow path and refused to pay another dime. Now, I laugh at those who rely on Adwords…

From the Desk of Ryan Moran

Dear struggling entrepreneur,

I’ve got to confess something to you. Although I’m a 19-Year old college student who generates a full time income on the internet… although many look to me as an authority on the subject and often come to me for advice… although I have several successful products and websites and campaigns… although I do very well for myself at a very young age, I used to really struggled in one key area: search engine optimization.

For the first year of my internet marketing career, I struggled, like you do, to get anything to show up on the first pages of Google. As a result, I pumped out thousands of dollars (really) every month in Google Adwords and other advertising, because I simply couldn’t figure out a successful way to do search engine optimization. Even with that amount of ad spend, a profit could still be made, but it sure wasn’t fun shipping out huge checks to Google every single month.

Then, one day, my ad campaigns got hit hard. Minimum bids went through the roof, and I no longer could turn a profit. Google, the company that I bow down to and pay thousands to every single month, turned around and slapped me and killed my ad campaigns. It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Riddle me this…

…does it make sense to you that Google, the company that we pay thousands of dollars to, consistently makes it MORE difficult for us to advertise with them? When my Adwords got slapped, my income stream got shut off, and I was stuck.

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The FREE Way A Simple Google Tweak Can Increase Income, Traffic, and SEO Rankings…FAST!

Internet Business Promoter (IBP v10.0.3)

The Secrets to #1 Google Sniper Site Rankings Revealed!

PR Prowler:. THE Page Rank Tool

Traffic Manifesto 2.0

July 18, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course
Valu: $37

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“Using Just One of My Traffic Tactics
Could Bring You a Massive Flow of Buyers
Cash and Credit Cards In Hand… Guaranteed!”

“Imagine What 79 Time-Proven
Strategies Will Do!”
I spent 3,547 hours learning how to generate massive traffic so you won’t have to…

From: Ross Goldberg

Dear Fellow Marketer,

I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy…ten days in a coma…waking up unable to feel my legs, told I would never walk again, wondering how I would pay the rent and feed my three kids.

But those of you that know me, know I am nothing if not a determined SOB, and those of you who don’t are about to learn.

I had enough success selling on eBay to know that it was possible to make a living online. I built a website and promptly sold nothing. No one came.

The rent was coming due. The bank account was over drawn and the cupboard was empty, I was desperate. How could I get some friggin’ buyers to my site?

Looking back at it, being confined (at the time, I was told permanently) to a wheel chair was a blessing in disguise. If I had been healthy, I would have been out the door working at Walmart or hammering nails at some job site.

I never would have figured out the secret to driving massive targeted traffic to my website.

You see being in that wheel chair with nowhere to go, no one to turn to, I was basically at CODE RED. It was literally “do or die”.
Every Waking Minute was Spent Testing
Traffic Generation Ideas

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ClickBank Feed Generator

July 18, 2008
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Price $37

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Publish Clickbank Affiliate Products On Your Website, Earn Money From Every Link On Your Website.

Add Fresh themed content to your sites and earn even more money from your websites! Clickbank is a leading affiliate network with thousands of products in many different niches. Now you can have the full clickbank database on your webpages in RSS format or RSS to Blog format.

Introducing RSS Content Builder Clickbank Edition … You get the same RSS Content Builder control panel with clickbank datafeed sources built in. Convert all of the links in the feed instantly into your Clickbank hoplink so that you earn money every time you use the feed on your web pages and blogs.

Output the results in RSS format or RSS to Blog format with #TITLE# and #BREAK#. Add themed affiliate content to your websites and blogs instantly.

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Buttons Generator Ultimate

Meme Generator – WordPress User-Generated Content

Kevin Young’s Google Cash Generator

Find What eBay Buyers Want!

July 17, 2008
Filed under: SEO Tools –
Price $67

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Dear Friend,

ave you ever wondered what eBay buyers REALLY want? Yes? … Well, I came up with this really cool software tool which finds out exactly that! Plus, the data is extracted from the BEST POSSIBLE place imaginable! ==> the eBay Want It Now section.

Download Now

Want It Now lets eBay buyers post requests for hard-to-find items and allows sellers to respond to those requests with eBay listings. There are several thousand posts everyday from hungry buyers looking for the stuff they REALLY want to buy!

So how does this unique software work?

It simply collects the Want It Now data from the desired eBay web site, then analyzes the posts finding how frequent certain word combinations occur. Additionally, the total number of responses corresponding to the word combinations are extracted.

More importantly, the number of occurrences and the number of responses are used to determine the ‘Yen Factor’ of the word combination revealing a possible product idea or niche area.

Download Now

The Yen Factor is a quality factor that ranges from 0 to 10, where 0 is not good and 10 is the best. This factor basically tells you if the word combination is good or not so good from a marketing point of view.

Let me dig a little deeper …

Say there are 26,000 posts in a certain Want It Now section. You could imagine that certain word(s) will occur several times in 26,000 posts! The idea is to find out what these words are!

From a marketing point of view, the more times a certain word combination occurs the HIGHER the DEMAND. The fewer number of responses for that certain word combination the LOWER the COMPETITION.

Download Now

Therefore, the best word combinations are ones that have HIGH DEMAND and LOW COMPETITION … that’s exactly what the Yen Factor illustrates. Take a look at the chart below:
Yen Factor


Now, let’s take a closer look using an example:

When I wrote this web page, in the ‘Collectibles’ Want It Now section on the web site there were 17,300 posts from hungry buyers looking for stuff to buy.

Set the Controls…

1. Select the web site.
2. Select the ‘Collectibles’ Want It Now section using the ‘Browse’ button.
3. Click the ‘Yenalyze’ button to analyze all the posts entered by eBay buyers.

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Generate Full Time EBAY Income In 20 Min/Week – AUTOMATED (Uses Hidden Area of Ebay: Not Auctions)

The eBay e-Class

Learn EXACTLY what I do to Earn $4,500/Month on eBay – VIDEOS!

The Greatest Free Buyers List Ever! How I Got 2 Newbies Over 3,400 Buyers & Over $24,000 in 7 Days!

Squeeze Page Profit System – The List Building Secret Weapon

July 17, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $29.77

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“Who Else Wants To Make An Extra Two Grand This Month Just By Implementing A Few “Proven” (and profitable) Squeeze Page Tactics?”

Best of all… I’m giving you TWO unique “eye-poppin” squeeze page templates PLUS a step-by-step guide to help guarantee your success!

From The Desk Of Internet Marketer Andrew Brole
Wednesday 10:23 AM

Dear friend and fellow entrepreneur,

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Squeeze Page” before. But if not, here is a quick definition for you… Squeeze pages are designed to obtain a reader’s name and email address by encouraging users to opt-in to an e-mail list to receive more information about the topic of the website. Internet Marketers like myself will collect these permission-based e-mail addresses so that we can follow up at a later date, or over a series of dates.

Squeeze pages seem to be taking the net by storm these days… AND for very good reason…

Plain and simple… They Make Money!

And once they’re setup… they keep making money over and over… with little or no additional effort (but more on that in a moment). The truth is…

“If You’re Not Using A “Sweet & Sexy”
“Grab Your Customer By The Eyeballs” Type Of Squeeze Page On Your Website… Then There’s No Doubt You’re Leaving Thousands Of Dollars In Extra Profits On The Table Each Month”

Unfortunately… until now… these little nuggets would’ve cost you a pretty penny to get professionally designed and setup – THE RIGHT WAY!

Think about it…

A professionally designed squeeze page can cost $200-$400 just for the graphic design alone (if you want it done right)… And you definitely need a top-notch, professional design….

Looking like an amateur online is a surefire way to bankrupt your business in the quickest timeframe possible!

Then, add in the price to hire a good copywriter (anywhere from $500 to $1500 to write the type of content you need that sucks in optin subscribers) and…. well, you get the picture there….

PLUS… many times you just want to test a few niches to see if any fish are biting. Can you really afford to dish out $1000 or more…. Just to test?

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STUPIDLY SIMPLE** Email Marketing Technique! Energize List Building W/Out Squeeze Pages In 30 Min!

Super Squeeze Page Pack

List Building Blueprint + 15 Niches AutoResponders = PROFIT… “Massive Profits!”

YouTube Friend Adder

July 16, 2008
Filed under: SEO Tools 

Price $42

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Here Are 124 Million Reasons to Include YouTube In Your Online Marketing Campaign


Wait! You may have heard from online marketing experts and gurus that you should be uploading videos to YouTube to generate traffic to your website.

They’re right about that… But they’re not telling you the most important piece of the YouTube/video marketing puzzle! (This secret makes it near impossible for the normal marketer to succeed).

If you’ve tried marketing on YouTube, chances are you’ve created and uploaded a video and waited for the flood of traffic to come in.

And chances are, your stats looked more like this:

Because the biggest piece of the puzzle they’re not telling you is that you have to tell people about your video. No matter how great it is, if people don’t know about the amazing work you’re uploading, they can’t tell their friends and it will never go viral.

If you’ve got no subscriber list or don’t have a blog with thousands of daily pageviews, it’s been near impossible to generate hundreds of thousands of video views.

It’s a situation where it’s really easy for those who are already popular to get even more popular. But the rest of us are left in the dust.

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Adwords Survival Guide

July 15, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $297

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¡°How To Guarantee Your Financial Freedom With Google AdWords ¨C And Do It FAST¡±

ANNOUNCING: ¡®The AdWords Survival Guide¡¯, Your Bulletproof Guide To Successful AdWords Advertising, Which Shows You How To:

1. Target, capture and convert more leads
2. Build your list faster and cheaper (with better quality customers) with AdWords
3. AND make more money from AdWords in less time¡­

From: Mark ‘Rambo Adwords’ Vurnum
Subject: Top Secret Adwords Battle plan INformation..

You never get tired of living in Paradise. And that¡¯s what my new home is for me. Year round sun, miles of golden beaches, clear blue skies, and (best of all):

A simple online business model which provides me with the kind of relaxed lifestyle I¡¯ve always dreamed of

But before I begin, let me tell you a little bit more about where I live, and what it can show you about business success¡­

First things first. My ¡®paradise¡¯ is the sunny island of Cyprus, just off the coast of Israel in the Mediterranean.

But even though Cyprus may appear to be peaceful to outsiders, sometimes there¡¯s trouble in paradise.

That¡¯s right, although Cyprus is a paradise, it hasn¡¯t always been this way. In fact, all hell broke loose on 20th July 1974, when civil war broke out and the entire island became a fierce battleground overnight.

And for some people whose families had lived in the same home for hundreds of years, it resulted in them losing everything they had ¨C in just a matter of hours.

How would YOU feel if that happened to you and your family? Imagine for a moment. Everything you had or ever owned ¨C
house, money, possessions — wiped out in just a few hours?

Not a good feeling, is it?

A shocking reminder that wherever you live in the world ¨C or whatever business you¡¯re in ¨C nothing stays the same forever, and challenges to adapt (or die) are always lurking just beneath the surface.

Sadly, history has a habit of repeating itself, and what was true in Cyprus 30-odd years odd is especially true in online marketing today.

And, like me, I¡¯m sure you know a lot of people who think they¡¯ve ¡®hit the jackpot¡¯ in online marketing.

By this, I mean they believe they¡¯ve found something which ¡®works¡¯ online, and cling onto it for dear life, convinced this one ¡®magic thing¡¯ will provide them with an income for life.

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Grow Your Business with Google AdWords

Google AdWords | Rockable Press | Rockable Press

WP Mobile Pro

AdWords System Exposed by MindValley Labs E-commerce Research

Feedback Analyzer Pro

July 14, 2008
Filed under: SEO Tools 

Price $37

Instant Download in the VIP Section Join Now!

Introducing …

Download Now

Works with the next generation feedback system!
View feedback comments for any eBay seller!
Instantly separate the positive, neutral and negative comments into separate easy-to-read tables!
View feedback comments from four different eBay sites:,,,
Save any feedback list in plain text (.txt), comma delimited (.csv) or web file (.html) format.
Edit any feedback list using the integrated filtering option.
Extract your own feedback comments, then use the NEW ad creator tool to create highly attractive feedback ads you can insert into your eBay auctions … then watch your sales dramatically increase!
10 feedback ad templates pre-loaded inside the software … right NOW! FREE!

ave you ever browsed through other eBay member’s feedback trying to figure out if they are legit and treat their customers well?

Furthermore, do you specifically search for negative and neutral feedback comments to see why others disliked the eBay member? I do! In fact, I do it all the time … especially before I buy something to make sure the member can actually deliver what they claim.
Have you clicked through hundreds of feedback
comment pages ONLY looking for NEGATIVE
comments to decide if you TRUST the seller?

So…that being said, I decided to design a simple software tool that does exactly that. The Feedback Analyzer Pro software separates all the positive, neutral and negative feedback comments into 3 different lists.
Save time by quickly extracting all
the feedback comments into separate lists
using Feedback Analyzer Pro!

Plus, you not only have the ability to extract the feedback comments that a given eBay member has received; but you can also extract the feedback comments that eBay member has left for other eBay members.

Also, you can easily save the feedback comment lists in several different formats; namely: plain text (txt), comma delimited (CSV), and hypertext markup language (HTML).

However, I really have to admit the most exciting feature is the Ad Creator Tool. This single tool has the ability to instantly increase your eBay sales by simply copying some html code into your auction description.
This single tool has the ability to
instantly increase your eBay sales…

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Revolution – Put A $997 Course In Your Lap

Snagit V11, Mac and Windows screen capture software from TechSmith

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Get Huge Products From Digitalpoint Forum With F.R.E.E!!! Part2

July 14, 2008
Filed under: DP Products 

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Blackhat Social Marketing: Twitter, SU, Digg, Myspace, Facebook [$15]

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July 14, 2008
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Craigslist Power Posting

July 13, 2008
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July 12, 2008
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And while all this knowledge is great, none of it is really necessary.

Trust me. Making money online – even a lot of money – just isn’t that complicated.

Let me ask you a question…

Could you find 500 people to give you $20?

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But maybe you’re thinking:

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The Rich Jerk

July 11, 2008
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Let’s get something straight. I’m a jerk. I’m obnoxious. And I’m lazy.

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I make several million dollars every year on the internet, doing almost nothing. You can see some proof here but please keep the drooling to a minimum.

Have you seen proof like that anywhere else? Didn’t think so.

Do you make that much money? Didn’t think so.
So Who the Hell Am I?

I¡¯m the guy you see driving down the street in a Ferrari with the top down, and you think to yourself, “What an ass!” And you know what? You¡¯re right. But so what? Do you really think I value your opinion? I’m a rich jerk, so I couldn¡¯t care less.

I cut through the BS. If you find me too offensive, obnoxious, or whatever¡­.feel free to leave my website at anytime.

I¡¯m not here to make friends. I¡¯m here to show you EXACTLY how I make millions.

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