Context Ad Generator

June 30, 2008
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Price $17

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Introducing the revolutionary new technology set to
change the way you make money online…
“Instantly & Effortlessly Boost Your Websites
Income By 300% Or More Using The Very Latest
Profit Producing, Context Ad Technology!”
In just a few simple steps, you can turn the text on any of your websites into an instant hands free income stream – Guaranteed!
Order Now & Get an Instant Upgrade to Master
Resale Rights… Included For A Limited Time!

Dear Friend,

If you run any sort of content based website or blog, your about to discover how you can instantly start making more money with it, without advertising!

Its already been proven that putting contextually relevant ads on your site can mean BIG bucks. And this fact has been made all the more obvious with the success of programs such as Google AdSense.

But how many visitors does it usually take before your site makes even $50 from Google ads? And how much do you think the advertiser makes off YOUR traffic? You can guarantee its a lot more than $50!
Stop Giving Your Traffic Away For Peanuts &
Finally Start Getting The Commissions You Truly Deserve!

This brand new, revolutionary program combines two of the most powerful income opportunities on the internet, pay-per-click advertising and affiliate programs. And creates a new hybrid breed of website monetization, that simply blows everything else out of the water.

One of the best ways of making more money with AdSense is by making your ads blend in with the rest of your content. Simply put, by making your ads NOT look like ads. However, doing this is against Google’s terms and might even get your account banned. Besides, they’ve made this practically impossible by placing the words ‘Ads by Google’ on every one of they’re ad units.

Now what if you had a way to automatically and seamlessly embed relevant affiliate links directly into your content, so they just look like regular links to other related articles on your website?

Do you think they would receive more clicks?

… you bet they would!!

Not only will these links get clicked more often, but every click can give you the opportunity to earn $100’s… per click! Compare that with the measly few cents you earn on your AdSense ads. Now I’m not saying you should abandon AdSense altogether, its a great way to earn a passive income online. But with this brand new software, your potential affiliate income will instantly shoot through the roof!
Introducing The Revolutionary…
‘ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0′

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Long Tail Traffic Secrets

June 29, 2008
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Price $97.00

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Is Your Website Like A Dinosaur Trying To Survive The Ice Age?

¡°How To Use 21st Century SEO Tactics
Combined With The Power Of Web 2.0
To Create An Avalanche Of Highly
Targeted, Ready-To-Buy Traffic!¡±

Even If Your Site Is Still Doing Well You Could Be The
Woolly Mammoth Of The Ice Age…The Last Dinosaur To Die!

Discover How To Bring Your Online Marketing And Search Engine
Optimization Into The Web2.0 Age…Before You Face Online Extinction!

Even If You’re A Total Newbie Who Doesn’t Know How To Build A Site, You Can
Use These Tactics To Drive 1,000’s Of Visitors — Even As An Affiliate Marketer.

You, Too, Can Start Building A Stable, Long-Term Online Business And Quickly
Double Your Profits — Or Make Your Very First Sale — Using These Strategies!

uilding high quality targeted traffic to your website without using cutting edge Web2.0 strategies is like driving across America in a horse and buggy when you could be flying in a supersonic jet!

Let me give you 313 MILLION good reasons you must take Web2.0 seriously if you want to get highly targeted, lucrative traffic in the 21st century…

1. Social networking giant MySpace has over 106 MILLION subscribers…

2. The video site YouTube serves up over 200 MILLION video clips every day…

3. Wikipedia has over 7 MILLION articles online attracting traffic in a wealth of highly profitable niches.

How much free traffic can you tap into on these websites alone?

MySpace is currently ranked by Alexa as the 5th most visited website in the world.

YouTube is ranked 4th and Wikipedia is ranked 11th…

These 3 sites take up a huge chunk of an estimated
one BILLION visitors who surf online every day …

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can use a largely automated system to drive targeted traffic from these sites AND another 27 key sites PLUS…

If you follow my step by step instructions I’ll show you how you can get ranked on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN while you’re capturing a ton of free traffic from sites like MySpace, YouTube and Wikipedia…

And I’ll show you safe, “white hat” search engine optimization techniques that work like gangbusters now and will keep on working for years to come.

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Long Tail Pro | **Keyword Research Software to Find Long Tail Keywords**

Over 70% Off!…722 Top 10 Rankings in Days – No Backlinks…Crush The Long Tail!


Veit Schenk’s Keyword Kraken: Find The 97% Of High-Traffic Keywords Google Never Tells You About!

Internet Business Promoter (IBP v10.0.3)

June 29, 2008
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value: US$549.95
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How to get top 10 rankings on Google & Yahoo! The proven SEO software tool!

iBusinessPromoter (IBP) is a multi-award winning website promotion software tool. IBP helps you get high search engine rankings:

* Get top 10 rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and others.
* Get more website visitors and increase your revenue.
* Outperform your competitors.

Fact: If your website cannot be found on search engines then you’ll lose a lot of customers and sales. IBP helps you get high search engine rankings, more customers and more sales.

Analyze your website now
Save time, get more customers and more sales

IBP offers everything you need to successfully promote your website. It is a proven suite of professional web promotion tools that helps you with all aspects of website promotion and search engine optimization.

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SEO software: IBP V11.5 is the powerful SEO tool with proven results

10 Product Affiliate Review Website Templates

Business Card Direct Marketing Secrets

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay

June 28, 2008
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Price $24.97

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“Finally, eBay success for the rest of us…”
“The best selling eBay success ebook EVER.”

Recently updated! Click book image to order now!

What’s the big secret?

So many people are trying to build a web-site and then trying desperately to get traffic to their web-site. Why not simply go to where the traffic is? Go to eBay! You don’t even need a web-site! (If you have a web-site get ready for a serious TRAFFIC BOOST). What’s the secret? It has to do with the fact that about 80,000 people sign up for every day! And over 700,000 people make a living on eBay!

I read the book in one sitting and put your advice into practice the next day. Within a few days I had orders… Net result: over $600,000 in revenue… Your book costs a few dollars, but the information has proved to be priceless.

Tim Knox
Best Selling Business Author and Internet Entrepreneur
more testimonials

The 4th most visited site on the Internet is the online auction site I have discovered a simple way to profit from that HUGE volume of traffic. There are over 100 million* members & over 1.5 Billion page views per month on eBay. I am taking full advantage of that traffic. I promise you have never been exposed to ideas like these. I’ll explain my “Silent Sales Machine” concept below…

Did you know there are many different products you can sell on eBay that are free or nearly free to you, available in unlimited supply, and are very resistant to competition? Did you know there are ways to sell on eBay where your risk of loss is virtually eliminated? You risk almost nothing and your profits can be massive.

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Sneaky Secret – Hiding Link URLS from the Status Bar

Viral Profit Machine

Generate Full Time EBAY Income In 20 Min/Week – AUTOMATED (Uses Hidden Area of Ebay: Not Auctions)

Cash Cowboy Guide to $3,000

Blog Classroom – Start Your Blog, Get Traffic in 10 Minutes

June 28, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course
value: $497.00 (only the PDF version without video)

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“How 2 Super Affiliates Earn $1,152,000 A Year, All Thanks To “Blogging” & How You Can Launch Your Own Blog WITH Targeted Visitors
Within 10 Minutes – GUARANTEED!

Over 112.8 Million People Have Easily Found a Presence Online Using ¡°Blogs¡± ¨C Do You REALLY Think They¡¯re All Technical Geniuses?
Click Here To Order Now!

Dear Netpreneurs,

Did you know that 2 new blogs launch every SECOND, that¡¯s close to 175,000 new blogs a DAY? And that there are over 112.8 million blogs around the world already¡­

It¡¯s easy to figure out why. Blogs are not only embarrassingly simple but you can see real results from them immediately. Blogs are officially the easiest, fastest and most pain-less way to start your online business¡­

Lately it seems that everyone has been launching a “secret strategy” that will ¡°unlock the internet marketing secret.¡± You read these promotions, get excited and buy the course only to learn that what they’re teaching is the same old stuff you’ve known for years (trust me, we know how you feel, we¡¯ve bought many of them before too)!

In our case, you don¡¯t have to worry about this because 90% of what we¡¯re about to teach you, we just discovered ourselves! The techniques we’re about to show you are so powerful that they have completely changed our businesses and the way we start new web businesses.

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Extra Traffic! How to Get 5 Times More Backlinks from Your Blog Posts & Articles in Just 35 Minutes

The $365K Blog Traffic Formula

[BLOG TRAFFIC BIBLE] I Get 36K + New Visitors To My Blog Each Month! [INCREASE YOUR BLOG TRAFFIC!]

Movie Automator – WordPress Movie Site – IMDB to WordPress Importer

Secret Affiliate Code

June 28, 2008
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Value: $67
Sales page:
Instant Download in the VIP Section Join Now!

Launched on June 17th. 2008

You’re just moments from knowing the truth about affiliate marketing all those big-shot launch mongers are praying you never find out. Because I’m going to take you on a journey from where you are now… to the land of extreme affiliate profits.

On this trip you’ll discover how…

¡°A Washed Up Rock Musician Went From Playing For Beer To Making $6,484.00
In A Single Week… A Dirt Poor Warehouse Worker Went From Minimum Wage To Banking $3,179.00 In 1 Day… The World’s Worst Insurance Salesman Went From Being $10,391.00 In Debt To Earning
6 Figures In A Year…¡±

And The Most Amazing Part Is…
They’re All The Same Guy!

Listen up…

If you’ve ever wondered why most affiliates fight for table scraps while a select few sell more than everyone else combined…

If you’ve ever wondered how some marketers get all the best traffic for free, while you pay through the nose…

If you’ve ever wondered how to really exploit web 2.0 to put a steady stack of dead presidents into your pocket any time you want…

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Oil Trading Macro Code Videos…

The Clickbank Code

Secret Affiliate Sniper 2.0 by Alex Jeffreys

Resell Right BOOTcamp

June 27, 2008
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Price $67

Instant Download in the VIP Section Join Now!
Prepare For A Full Scale Invasion On Resell Rights Profitability…

“You’re About To Launch A Resell Rights Attack So Deadly That Your Visitors Will Instantly Throw Up Their White Flag And Surrender To Your Will, Buying Anything You Want Them To And Stuffing Your Pockets Full Of Cash On Command…”

To win this war and make more money than sin you’ll need to report to special ops training immediately soldier.

From: The General
RE: Your Orders (For Profit Duty)

Recently we sent out some of our finest troops on a critical Reconnaissance and Surveillance mission.

The sole purpose of this mission was to secure intel as to who was actually pulling down real money online with Resell Rights, and who was falling flat on their face…

Making no money… no profits… no nothin’.

The results of this important mission were less than satisfactory.

It turns out that far too many were struggling to get by, eeking out a few dollars here and there if they were lucky, but not making the kinds of mind blowing cash that is possible.

Money like this…

4 Star General Money…

The shot above reflects only Resell Rights, and are products that I sold just last year. This is only one of my many income streams.

And here’s another shot of what I’ve been doing with Resell Rights this year.

Yep. This is the kind of 4 Star General money you can make too, when you know how to battle with Resell Rights like I do… and when you have the kinds of weapons in your artillery that make sending shockwaves of profits into your bank accounts as simple as lock and load – point and click.


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Want To Make $100 – $500 A day – No Joke – CPA BOOTCAMP IS THE ANSWER!!

4-Wk “Baad-SEO” Video Bootcamp.Who Else Wants My SEO-Dominating Secrets? Insane $1 Trial – First 50.

[WORDPRESS LEAD PAGE PLUGIN] Create Lead Generation Pages For Multiple Niches LIMITED RESELL RIGHTS

Norman Freeman’s ViralInviter Web 2.0 Tell A Friend Script!

June 27, 2008
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value: $97
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Lunched On 26. Jun. 2008

Here’s ONE aspect of how Viralinviter works (more features explained below!):

The first ever Viral ¡°Tell-A-Friend¡± Software that makes old-fashioned ¡°Tell-A-Friend¡± scripts obsolete.

* It allows users to easily and instantly invite ALL of their contacts from Google, Yahoo, AOL, & MSN [34 services total] with just TWO simple clicks.
* Harnessing the exact same technology that powers Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, LinkedIn and many more the biggest traffic sites on the planet!
* It can generate an avalanche of zero-cost free traffic automatically in just seconds.
* Plus: it even offers a customizable reward system to motivate users to continue inviting as many friends as possible

It combines the most important Viral Marketing Faktors:

1. Make it as easy as possible for your visitors to spread your message
2. Reward your visitors for telling their friends.

Both can be totally automated with our Viral Inviter PHP script

Once You Turn On This Plug-And-Play In-A-Box Traffic-Generation System, It Can’t Stop Sending You Visitor, Users, OptIns… Until You Shut Down Your Website!

This Traffic Is FREE And NOT Coming From Google, PPC, JVs Or Any Other Source
That Cost You Money, Time Or Effort!


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Google Manipulator

June 27, 2008
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value: $67
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Underground Marketer Banks $57,100 In Profit From Free Google Search Traffic And How You Too Could Easily And Effortlessly Blow Past Anyone And Everyone In Your Niche And Hit The Jackpot Using The Exact Same Simple As 1-2-3 Methods

If this is what you¡¯re looking for, then…

¡°Here¡¯s your access to a new, breakthrough guide that shows you step-by-step how to get Google¡¯s stamp of approval & have them rewarding you with the No. 1 ranking in not weeks, but in just DAYS from now¡ªGuaranteed or it¡¯s free¡±

Dear friend,

Are you tired of launching product after product and never getting any results? Are you tired of doing everything from writing articles, submitting to directories, and everything else in between and still end up at the bottom of the search engines?

Have you ever wondered just how other marketers are successful at getting ranked at the top of Google¡¯s search engine in virtually no time, regardless of what niche they choose?

Do you wish that there was a clear-cut way for you to get Google to like you and reward you for your hard work from Day 1 of your launch?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have good news for you, because in just minutes from now, you¡¯re going to learn about a tested and proven to work guide that¡¯s guaranteed to¡­¡­.

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[OCCUPY GOOGLE] Force your way to Page #1 of Google – And crank out thousands of dollars on autopilo

Rank Easy Google Peasy – Demonstrated way to Rank Page 1 on Google

Get 484% MORE CLICKS from Google Just By Hitting Install? Put Your Picture In Google Search!!!!

Secret Spider Generator

Super Page Splitter

June 26, 2008
Filed under: SEO Tools 

Price $297.00

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Are you completely FRUSTRATED with how your website converts visitors for you??
Question: If you had a website that allowed you to
target your visitors BEFORE they visited your site
the way big sites do. . .

Would You Make More Money Online??

Everybody knows that your website can be getting all the traffic in the world, but if your website is not converting the traffic that you get properly,
you’re losing money. Period!

The top 1% of internet marketers not only know the crucial tactics necessary, they’re already making enough to employ a full-time staff to IMPLEMENT them!

Well today for the average website owner, who isn’t rich, having a full-time staff to do what the “big guys” and “big companies” do, just isn’t practical.

Even if you did know what the Top 1% know, you wouldn’t be capable of implementing it anyway!

And I’m sure that most likely you are not in the position to hire a full-time staff to be able to do what the Top 1% of internet marketers and “big companies” do anyway.

The time has come for you to be in the position of knowing what to do, and being able to implement it — AT THE SAME TIME!

How Would You Like To:

Do you want to effortlessly test different versions of your web pages without going through the trouble it takes to create them?

Super Page Splitter can rotate your content at any interval you want!

Do you want to easily create REAL-DEAL one-time-offers that actually “disappear” if the visitor doesn’t accept — without using JavaScript?

Super Page Splitter creates One-Time Offers That REALLY disappear!

Do you want to freely create personalized and customized content for each of your visitors and even greet them according to the date without using JavaScript?

Super Page Splitter “intelligently” knows your visitors before they even SEE your web page!

Do you want to easily create “Squeeze Pages” where your visitors have to provide you with their name and e-mail address before they can download your free content or access any page on your site?

Super Page Splitter “knows” if a visitor has been to your web page before or not, and shows them your ‘squeeze page’ accordingly!

Do you want to create highly-targeted content based upon the ACTUAL keywords the visitor typed into any search engine to find your site?

Super Page Splitter “knows” what your visitor typed into a search engine BEFORE they get to your web page!

Do you want to create pages constantly updated with unique content so that the search engines return time after time to index your site and increase its rankings — without using RSS?

Super Page Splitter doesn’t use any cheesy RSS feeds to modify your content — it uses ACTUAL
content that YOU provide!

Do you want to easily change the content on many of your web pages — at ONCE?

Super Page Splitter can easily modify content on MANY pages at once — meta tags, headers/footers
or anything else!

Do you want to effortlessly create REAL JV partner or affiliate pages without having to create individual pages for each partner or affiliate?

Super Page Splitter detects WHAT web page your visitors are coming from BEFORE
they even see your web page!

Do you want to be able to target your visitors with content based on what COUNTRY, STATE or CITY they live in just like Google and the other “big guy” sites?

Super Page Splitter detects WHERE your visitors ACTUALLY LIVE before they even see your web page!

Do you want to explode your visitor conversion rate
to a level you’ve always wanted, and never been able to achieve?

Then, you need Super Page Splitter!

. . .And those are just SOME of the amazing things that
Super Page Splitter will give you the ability to do
WITHOUT you knowing ANYTHING about
the underlying technology!

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New Video PLR Teaches You To Be A Part of the Elite 5% That Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

Rank No.1 in Google for Price $30

June 25, 2008
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Price $12.90

Instant Download in the VIP Section Join Now!

Rank 1 in Google for a search term that has 24 million competing pages cost $30…

And rank 6 to 8 for a holiday niche with 1.2 million results..

To be honest I am still floored by what I have discovered, and shocked. For the holiday term mentioned above I could be paying dollars for the adword clicks but I am not!

Not that I have these domains I just need to do some work with adsense and affiliate programs and let the rest sort itself out.

Remember what I am going to show you is not illegal, is not spamming, or anything that will take you ages to learn. This could be a new way of marketing – lol it’s very lazy and it’s kinda like bum marketing, but it’s better! This technique has been tested and proven. You will see in the report what treasures I found and now OWN.

* You can repeat this technique multiple times
* It doesn’t takes a genius. Can be implemented immediately now!
* No hanky panky technique. Simple but overlooked!
* No SEO mumbo jumbo
* And you will own it for a long long time..

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[ Perpetual Ranker ] Exact Methods I Use To Rank My Sites to the Top of Google …

RANK On Google FAST!! – SEO Works Again – Proof Inside!!

Backlinks That Rank YouTube Videos #1 On Google [Proof Inside]

[LIVE PROOF!!] See Me Rank A YouTube Video To #1 In Google In Just 23 Mins… Do-able By You Too!!

Black Magic 3 Step Traffic System

June 24, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 


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The Overnight 3 Step Traffic Systems…

To DOMINATING The Major Search Engines


Imagine by this time next week that you have hundreds, if not thousands of links in the major search engines such as Google, MSN And Yahoo on hundreds of high traffic sites across the Internet.

Links from high PR sites that will last for many years. Links that Google, Yahoo & MSN will value and keep indexed for years to come. Links that pass PR and bring you traffic.

Just how shocked will you be when you find out that you won’t have to pay even 1 cent for these links. Nor will you have to pay a SEO expert $1000’s of dollars to build these links. These are not link directories, nor are they spam links, in fact Google, Yahoo & MSN will love you for them!

I explain everything you need to do in the video and guide to using the Black Magic Traffic Overnight 3 Step System to get these high quality links almost instantly. You could have new links in the search engines possibly tomorrow if you started right now.

Plus the greatest benefit of Black Magic Traffic’s Overnight 3 Step System is that you can repeat it for all your web sites, there is no limit to how many times you can use this system.

Before I release anything, I test and document it. In fact I reveal the site I used for that had 0 links (yes ZERO links) and then a week later the major search engines such as Google are showing over 1000 results for my search term. Plus constant traffic and its producing income with NO ADVERTISING COSTS…..

Benefits Of The Overnight 3 Step Traffic System…

* Your links will start appearing almost instantly in the search engines
* Very small investment considering the huge return
* Can be used on all your sites and on a single site multiple times
* Completely safe, it will not get you banned from Google
* Your links will appear on high page ranks sites across the Internet for completely free
* Links will last for many years at no cost to you!

Grab Black Magic 3 Step Traffic Systems today for only $19.90! This offer is guaranteed for the next 24 hours only .

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[NO BS, NO MAGIC TRICKS] Get a RESPONSIVE Buyers List Now In An Easy-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Plan!

[AMAZING REVIEWS!] STEP-BY-STEP Traffic System TURNS $90 into $12,000!

15,000+ FREE Unique Visitors Per Month – Step By Step Guide

[333+ Sold-First 72 hrs]1,340,993 Visitors A Year – FREE Methods – Step By Step – Start Today!

Expire Domain Empire

June 23, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $97!

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These Underground And ‘Black Hat’ Domain Secrets Will Shock You…

“How To Profit Massively From Expired Domain Names – The TRUTH Uncovered!”

Works Like Magic For Brand New Domain Names Too!

Dear Friend,

Ask yourself this simple question…

What’s the MOST valuable and profitable ‘virtual real estate’ you can own?

It has got nothing to do with your website, AdSense or the latest hyped-up strategy.

The truth is, your most profitable virtual real estate is simply…your domain name. Period.

In fact…

Domain Names Are Being Sold For A Fortune All Day Long!

Don’t believe me? Consider these real-life examples: – sold for $7.5 million; – sold for $3 million – sold for $130,000; – sold for $105,000 – sold for $99,000; – sold for $67,500 – sold for $40,000; – sold for $500,000 – sold for $550,000; – sold for $27,500 – sold for $10,509; – sold for $500,000 – sold for e257,000; – sold for $225,000

Plus thousands and thousands of other domain names changing hands for between $250 – $5,000 which didn’t “make the news”!


Some of these high dollar domains were purchased from someone else for a lot of money, then resold for much more on the domain aftermarket.

But remember, each domain only cost the original owner the registration fee, meaning…

The profit mark-up is just INCREDIBLE.

Imagine If You Own Just One Of These Domain Names.

If you could roll back time and grab some of these valuable domain names, do you think you could make some cash?

You bet you could.

Now even if you don’t want to resell your domains, you can always use them to…

Generate completely free targeted and type-in traffic

Brand your business with an ultra-catchy URL

Make profits from free domain parking services

Build and profit from brand new money-making websites

Redirect them to your existing websites

Earn AdSense and other cost per action profits

Redirect them to your affiliate links for automatic commissions!

The list goes on.

For example, I just received a 5 figure offer for one of my weight loss domain names from David DeAngelo Communications Inc…and this was a name I snared for less than $9!

You see, I’ve been quietly building up my domain name empire for the past few years with certain underground domain methods, ‘stealing’ hundreds of highly-profitable names many will ‘kill’ for.

Now – these domains are NOT your usual normal names, but extremely catchy, descriptive and brandable assets that fetches huge sums of money if sold.

For instance, check out a few of the domain names I own:

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Azon Empire Fat Loss Frenzy


How to make $5 Bucks a Day – Build Your Empire From the Ground Up

Traffic Empire – Lazer Targeted Traffic Package

50,000 Niche Ideas

June 22, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course
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50,000 SUPER HOT Niche Ideas Up For Grab!

This 1000+ page report contains a list of 50,000 hot niche ideas that has people searching like crazy everyday, and I will GIVE you the information you need to monetize these niches. This is NOT just another keywords list. NO! I spent many days researching, researching and researching – in order to produce this list of highly sought after niches.

Once you get your hands on this report, you can immediately pick the niches you need and create your adsense site, a product site, or even affiliate marketing site in no time!

Grab this hot report today for only $12.90! This offer is only guaranteed for the next 24 hours. This is a limited time offer, so get it at this incredible price while you still can!

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1000 Prompts & Ideas for Quick Writing

How To Generate 100s of Product Ideas By Visting FREE Websites


($1 WSO For The First 35 People): On My Upscale $97 Micro Niche Domination Product !!

Adsense BlackHat Edition

June 21, 2008
Filed under: E-books & Course 

Price $97

Instant Download in the VIP Section Join Now!

AdSense Black Hat Techniques Have Been EXPOSED!

Do you want to know the dirtiest tricks and secrets to making money online?

In AdSense BlackHat Edition, I am going to show you the controversial techniques you can use everyday to make FIVE FIGURE sums using Google AdSense, and they¡¯re all legal!

So, I¡¯m giving you my high quality, 50+ page ebook, which contains zero fluff and nothing but page after page of rock solid information, absolutely free of charge.

In this eBook, here is just the tip of the iceberg of what you will learn

* Ad placement and page design that can increase your CTR by 500%
* Building techniques that can TRIPLED your AdSense PROFIT!
* How to create professional 1000+ page websites for FREE in minutes!
* The power of BACK LINKS and killer techniques you can use to quickly secure them!
* The SECRET WEAPONS I’ve used to generate a 5 FIGURE INCOME and how you can too!
* And much, much more!

But, that¡¯s not all! You can earn access to the PRIVATE ADSENSE BLACKHAT FORUM and a constaly growing list of AWESOME BONUSES just for signing up for my ebook! All Absolutely FREE!!

You truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this offer. Don¡¯t regret not grabbing an exclusive opportunity to make your life better, because the only regret I have is that I can¡¯t offer it to you forever.

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Elite Sessions: Internet Marketing 2.0

June 20, 2008
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Price $147.00

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“The Internet Marketing 2.0

“Eleven of the World’s most successful Internet marketing gurus reveal their most closely guarded strategies and tactics necessary for YOU to succeed in TODAY’S Internet business environment!”

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Business Builder,

Internet marketing is taking a major shift.

Slowly but surely the techniques of old are becoming more and more ineffective in today’s Internet marketing environment.

Sales and conversion rates have plummeted.

But as the Internet has changed, so too have a few smart marketers. In fact, these marketers have EMBRACED the changes that the new Internet landscape has brought forth.

Changes that include: Blogging, Web 2.0, Advanced Search Engine Optimization, Viral Marketing, List Building, Buzz Marketing, Joint Ventures, Affiliate Marketing, Social Networks, and Article Marketing…to name just a few.

Ever wonder why so many Internet marketers are making six-figures every year – BUT NOT YOU?

Ever wish someone would hand you a crystal-clear, easy-to-follow treasure map to the really big bucks – a simple formula for earning hundreds of thousands of dollars?

If so, I have great news for you…

Elite Sessions:
Everything You Need to Break Into TODAY’S Internet Marketing Biz¡­ Or Grow Your Established Business Like Crazy!

I¡¯ve put together a ¡°Who¡¯s Who¡± of Internet marketing gurus ¨C from every level of the business ¨C to act as your personal board of advisors on profiting from today’s Internet marketing environment.

I call it ELITE SESSIONS ¨C a series of eleven 90+ minute audio-training recordings where you¡¯ll meet some of the greatest legends in this super-profitable field and pick up their best strategies and tactics for succeeding in Internet marketing!

I¡¯m talking about success secrets you can put to work right now to get started in a business you¡¯ll love ¡­ working from the comfort of your own home ¡­ with all the freedom you crave¡­

¡­ Or to light a fire under your existing Internet-marketing business ¨C and take your response, sales and profits to the moon!

You¡¯ll get hundreds of practical, nitty-gritty tips, tricks and techniques for raking in a king¡¯s ransom in today’s Internet marketing biz!

You¡¯ll discover¡­

Two no-cost ways to guarantee traffic for affiliate promotions.

The NUMBER ONE rule that absolutely must be observed when linking many sites back to your main product site.

Proven ways to get one-way links from an authority site.

The little-known “secondary keywords” secret that will get you quickly ranked with little effort.

The exact TWO locations that your keyword phrases should be placed for optimal rankings (It’s not where you might be thinking!)

The single most important thing you must do to your landing pages to increase conversion.

The absolutely essential key stipulation you need to include to get the most out of your viral marketing list building efforts.

Step-by-step how to create an Adsense Arbitrage Empire.

How to use simple Web 2.0 methods to get quick “bursts” in traffic.

Simple questions that determine if your product is “buzz worthy”.

The biggest mistake all inexperienced JV marketers make…and how to parlay it into an advantage that will give YOU an instant boost in sales.

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Kelvin Hui’s Traffic Manuscript

June 20, 2008
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You Think This Is Mission Impossible ?

Yes, If You Don’t Know The Hidden Secrets

But You Want To Achieve The Same Success ?

Okay, If The One Owns The Secret Shares With..


From: Kelvin Hui & Michael Shang

My Dear Friend,

Why are you still reading this letter? If you are interested in my achievement as proved by Google Analytics, you must belong to one of the following groups:

1. Complete newbie in online business. You can’t wait to start.

2. Semi-newbie, invested 5 figures in internet marketing courses, but failed to make even a dime by following the hype & crap. You feel hopeless. You want to quit. You swear this is the last time you read a salesletter.

3. You are generating decent online income, but you want a breakthrough.

I understand how you feel. Because, from my seminar students, I know that many of them were passionate about the unlimited business opportunities on internet but failed miserably before attending my seminar. They told me that not only them, but also many of their friends were suffering the same problem. However, not everyone was fortunate to be able to afford seminar ticket price, we are talking about several thousand dollars.

After deep considerations, I decide to help those who are serious about online business but have limited budget…

I Have Decided To Share My Multi-Thousand Dollars Seminar Secrets With All of You,
Today, At Insanely Low Price

Why listen to me? Who is Kelvin Hui? Let me introduce myself.

7 years ago, I started my online business as a newbie, like many of you. I was not a programmer. I did not know HTML (even now). At that time, there was no internet marketing course, so that I could only do my business by trial and error.

How Did Kelvin Start His Online Business?

In 2000, one day, I discovered that Yahoo! search engine ranked the websites according to different keywords with an interesting pattern. At that time, there was no SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert in the market. I discovered the pattern by observations only.

I wanted to verify my hypothesis. Then, I registered a free webpage service from Yahoo! Geocities (No HTML required), and then built some webpages and optimized some keywords by my proposed logic. A few weeks later, I found that my websites ranked #1 for my optimized keywords in Yahoo! search engine.

I was very excited, yet I still had no idea about how to make money. I kept playing around with my SEO strategies and built some webpages. I achieved pretty good results in terms of search engine rank but not money. However, as I believed, God helps those who help themselves, one day I happened to know an electronic market place called ClickBank. This was the first time I learnt about Affiliate Program.

The idea of Affiliate Program was very simple but amazing. If people purchased a product through my affiliate link, then I got the commission. I thought the program sounded too good so I was quite skeptical.

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BayRSS for WordPress – Making Money selling Nothing on eBay

June 19, 2008
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This is no plain eBay/Amazon rss feed wrapper plugin!

Maximize the SEO Power of WordPress and
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“BayRSS2.0 for WordPress Plugin”

Now with ‘Revenue’ Sharing

Make money selling nothing on two Giants of the Internet
(eBay + Amazon)

The first eBay Affiliate Plugin with Revenue Sharing feature
Super Fast Installation & Super Easy Usage!

From the desk of Azlan Kasim,

Dear Friend,

This is a No Pain, No Hassle, No Hacking of Theme – Easy and Fast way to display eBay auctions on your posts and pages.

All you need to do is :

1) Upload BayRSS folder into your plugin folder.

2) Activate BayRSS plugin in the Option/BayRSS from the admin panel.

3) Add [nms:keyword,noitems,minbid,minprice] anywhere in your post or page and save.

Yes! It is that easy.

Take a look at these screenshots

Option Channel in Admin Panel for easy configuration

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Exit Grabber – Boosting Sales By 327%!

June 19, 2008
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This Secret Web Browser “Trick” Will Grab Your Visitors Back Right As They Try To Leave Your Web Site, Boosting Sales By 327%!

From: Sheila Scofield
When: Wednesday, 7:02 PM

Dear Internet Marketer,

A few days ago, our software engineers stumbled upon a devilishly tricky way to make our products sell like crazy.

You see, last week I installed an advanced tracking program on all our websites, and I discovered something truly shocking.

I had been testing out two different versions of one of our web pages, and I wanted to know which one was making more sales.

When I looked at the statistics though, I was completely surprised to find out something far more important than that — most people weren’t even reading my page!

And then it hit me: All this time I had been fiddling around with what I was putting on my web page, but I hadn’t even considered the possibility that people weren’t even reading it.

Here’s a screenshot from Google Analytics, the tracking software I used, so you can see exactly what I mean:

As you can see, I gathered data on 35,813 visits, so the information here is prety accurate. The average amount of time that people spent on my site was less than 5 minutes, and 71% of my visitors “bounced” (left my site without clicking on anything).

Isn’t that disappointing? I know I was disappointed!

But at the same time, I was excited, because I felt like I had found a big clue as to why people weren’t purchasing from my site.

I did more research, to uncover something even more shocking:

This new data made the “5 minute” look good! Really, over 75% of my visitors were spending 10 seconds or less on my page.

After spending a few days doing in-depth research on Google, I discovered that this is in fact better than most people do, too!

I realized at this point that if I wanted to really boost my sales, it didn’t really matter what I put on my web page, since most people weren’t even reading it.

I could have paid $100,000 to have the world’s best marketing consultant write a beautiful sales letter, but most of my visitors wouldn’t even have seen it.

I delved further into the statistics to make sure, and, you guessed it — the small percentage of people who were actually spending time on my site were the ones who were buying, of course.

I spent a long time trying to figure out what to do about this. Ten seconds isn’t even long enough for people to read just one sentence and process it enough to know if I have something they want to buy.

So, obviously the answer had nothing to do with what I wrote on the page.

I thought about trying to get some really bizarre and attention-grabbing images and animations, but I knew that this was a desperate, gimmicky last resort and it didn’t feel right.

There had to be a way to grab those visitors back before they left my page!

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Automated Blogger Poster – Update Blogger blog automatically

June 18, 2008
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How Does Automated Blogger Poster Work?

– You can add unlimited projects*, one for each Blogger blog that you operate.
– For every blog you can add unlimited RSS feeds.
– Automated Blogger Poster will post posts on your blog network automatically, however you choose to schedule it!
– This system will look at all the posts in your RSS feeds and automatically post the one with the most content!
This System Will Run Itself 24/7 On AutoPilot !

Is this Software Easy to Use?

You will receive a full step-by-step guide (only 5 steps) on how to upload and install this script on your server.
With the “Basement Blog Network” book that comes with this script, you will have everything you need to build and manage your blog networks!

NOTE: If you don’t know how to install scripts yourself, I can do it for you – just contact me!

You can have your own system up and running within minutes of your investment and be making money… TODAY!
What else will you need to use this script?

You need a linux hosting package with PHP, MySQL and the ability to use cron jobs – that’s all!
Almost every hosting company today has a package with all these features but if you need help to find hosting, contact me and I will help you find the best one for your needs.

*NOTE: Some shared hosting packages may not support “unlimited” blogs because of CPU and memory limitations.

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Jay Abraham’s ebook; Income-Building Home Study System

June 18, 2008
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Price $97

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Dear Success-Minded Entrepreneur,

Hi, my name is Jay Abraham. I’m the person the rich and famous come to when they want to turn big names into famous names. But now I’m on the prowl for deserving everyday people with everyday names that have undiscovered ideas and abilities, but have never gotten the chance to be rich or famous… I’m looking for you.

Is That You? If so… let’s get started.

You may remember me as the person Anthony Robbins, famous peak performance guru, said, ¡°is able to take almost any person or company and uncover a minimum of $10,000 that they’re just sitting on.¡±

One of my marketing ideas sold more books than any other book in history, besides the Bible, you may know it as Chicken Soup for the Soul series, selling 88 million books to date. Or the person Success Magazine called…

¡°possibly the greatest marketing expert alive today!¡±

Sure it’s impressive to have these famous millionaires saying this and that about me, but let me tell you what I can do for you.

What I do is straight forward: I Teach people how to Leverage Every Asset They Have and Create Money¡­.Lots of It. I teach people how to harvest the windfall profit sitting right in front of them. I teach people how to get everything they can out of all they’ve got.

(Just think: you have million-dollar ideas and opportunities right in front of you that you just can’t see or don’t know how to market. Would you like to be able to increase your income just by seeing the right opportunities in front of your face or right inside of your head?)

My goal is this: to help you make more money than you have ever realistically imagined earning.

I’m the best paid consultant in America because I like challenges and I get people extraordinary results:

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Adsense Lover

June 17, 2008
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“Discover Now The New Revolutionary Trustworthy Easy To Follow System To Make Money Online, Instantly & Effortlessly With Google Adsense Program, That Only 6% People Knows How. It Sends Automatically Day & Night Cash In Your Bank Account….. Even While You Sleep!!!”

Successful Home Based Internet Business
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“See Proof Below of One of My Account”
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“Can You Imagine How it Feels to Own a 6 Figures AdSense Account? Now YOU Can Start Earning Such Huge AdSense Commissions, Just by Reading This Report!” &
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Master the Clickbank Empire

June 16, 2008
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Tired of working a 9-5 job ? Frustrated that you can only make pennies or nothing online? Want the Financial Freedom to go wherever you like and buy whatever you like?… well then…
“Learn the Secret FORMULA of How to Make an Automated, Day Job KILLING FORTUNE off CLICKBANK!”

From the office of Denise Gianno ,

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,
Do you want to quit your day job and get rich traveling and doing very little by having your own business on the internet? Who doesn’t!

Have you wondered how there are loads of people cashing it in by using ClickBank while you are simply thinking about it or making very little?

Can you smell the FAT wad of cash they are getting every week at the bank?

You’ve been wanting to get in on this real money action and make tons of money haven’t you?

Well, it’s time to get started right now! Luckily you are at the right place to begin… You are barely away from the secrets to learning how everyone is making INSANE PROFITS with ClickBank. Making money with Clickbank isn’t magic, there is a forumula!

Once you learn this formula from us, you’ll see the cash start rolling in! Please read on for money smelling details..

I know, I just started recently too and there were many “guru’s” trying to sell me their amazing ideas on how to make money on the internet. I have bought a load of stuff on the internet and made very little until I worked on Clickbank and generated my own formula for success!

If you are looking to generate cash generating webpages or make informational products but do not have the time or patience we introduce to you:
The Secret Formula to Making Money on Clickbank and we have just the Course to Teach you EXACTLY how to do it!
This Amazing New Critical Formula on How to Make Money With ClickBank is Just Waiting on the Next Webpage for You to Download Immediately!

I’m glad you’re at this page, and you will be, too, as soon as you realize just how much money you can make with the secrets I will teach you once you download this vital information to making serious money on Clickbank.

ClickBank is the key to your future and your wealth; you just need to learn a few simple secrets to unlock huge success. Online affiliate programs have been around since the 1990’s, in many different shapes and forms. People just like you & I have made huge amounts of money from them, mostly through lots of trial and error and learning as they go. Now, for the first time, you can make huge amounts of money but you don’t have to go through the trial and error nonsense, because I have spent years doing that for you!

For the first time there is a comprehensive resource that will teach you those hard-earned lessons so you can go straight to making money. The full story on how to get rich with ClickBank is right here waiting for you; all you have to do is make the choice to start now.

ClickBank is making people just like you wealthy – mothers working from home, single parents looking for a better income, college kids earning tuition money, and more. All of these people are making huge profits with ClickBank and you can do it too! Through a revolutionary system that breaks the mold of “regular business models” and shatters most of the “truths” you’ve been taught in the past, you are going to discover exactly how to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities of ClickBank.

You don’t have to be a computer geek or a technology whiz! In fact… Even If You Have Never Heard Of ClickBank Before And Don’t Know How It Works, You Can Still Make Money!

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Yahoo Answers Auto Posting Bot!

June 15, 2008
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Yahoo Answers Auto Posting Bot! An EASY Way to Make HUGE Profits!
Hey DP Members!

Still trying to make money on the internet?
How would you like to easily make an extra $3,000+ monthly in 2 hours or less a day?

The Yahoo Answers Auto Bot will post relevant answers to questions on Yahoo Answers for any keywords you supply.

What good is this you ask?

Well, imagine using this software to promote your product, landing page, affiliate URL or your Adsense page to the millions of targeted Yahoo Answers users. There are millions of questions to choose from and Millions of people are waiting for your answer…..and your website link of course

There is a tutorial included with suggestions and tips so you can get started making money right away. You can’t find this kind of software anywhere else. This tool is unique and WILL make you money!

As a special bonus the Yahoo Account Creator is included for FREE so you can easily create as many Yahoo accounts as you need!

Special Discount Price for Digital Point Members of ONLY $197

PM me or reply in this thread if you want to buy.
Only 200 copies will be sold!

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15,000+ FREE Unique Visitors Per Month – Step By Step Guide

June 14, 2008
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Read this first:
I’ve sold over 200 copies of this guide at another popular forum for $17 but because I’m somewhat new here I want to give DP members a huge discount just to show what I’m made of.

Be sure to check out what others have said about the report.

I will gladly give 3 review copies to 3 members who have 500 posts or more and 20 feedback or more.

If You Are Not Getting At Least 15,000 Unique Visitors
Per Month to Your Website Then This Is For You

From the desk of JohnG:

Dear Fellow DP Member,

I’m going to spare you the long sales letter and give straight facts and some testimonials.

Can you answer “yes” to any of the following 3 questions:

1) Have you purchased a traffic generation report in the past and were disappointed by the lack of clear step by step information to gain the traffic you had hoped for?

2) Are you sick and tired of all of the hyped up reports and ebooks by those so called guru’s that just contain a bunch of rehashed information and strategies that don’t work anymore?

3) Are you willing to do what it takes if someone would just give the simple to follow step by step formula that really works?

If you answered “yes” to anyone of those than you are about to find out the exact steps to getting the visitor numbers that will finally set you on the road to financial freedom with your internet marketing efforts.

You may be wondering what it takes. Let me tell you that it is not hard nor is it time consuming. If you are reading this letter and have basic computer skills then you can easily get this kind of traffic.

I like things in step by step fashion and I realize that most other people do as well, that’s why I’ve put this guide into a step by step formula. First you do this, then you do this and so on. There is no quesiton left unanswered.

I’ve been called the the hype-hater by many people because I can’t stand it when people sell a product that has useless information without proven strategies while their sales letters promised overnight riches.

One of the things that is so wonderful about this system is the search engines will love you for it. Yes that’s right this is all completely whitehat. This isn’t some black hat method that could get you banned for that’s here today and gone tomorrow.

I’ve spent months and months testing and perfecting this system. You don’t need theories of 20 different possible ideas. You need a system of solid methods that you can focus on. You need a step by step (first you do this, and then you do this…) formula that you can follow with no question unanswered.

WARNING:This Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Read On Website Traffic.
This Formula Will Work For Every Niche

This formula will not cost you one red cent of your money to implement.

The truth is that many big name marketers will talk all day long about these traffic generation methods. The only problem is that they won’t tell you exactly what you need to do because they don’t seem to know or if they do know they won’t tell you because you’ll stop buying their hyped up overpriced stuff that you don’t need.

I’ve created a step by step system using very simple and straight forward methods that if followed will set your server on fire.

You’ll Never Find An Easier, Sure-Fire Way To Get A Steady
But Raging Hurricane of Visitors To Your Site

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Black Hat Adsense Confession

June 12, 2008
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Price $37.00

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For those who dare to push themselves into unfamiliar territory and enter the “dark side” of making money on the Internet…
Mr BlackhatGoogle’s Most Wanted Man Reveals How He Makes USD8,276 A Month From Adsense Using Mind-Boggling “Black Hat” Tactics That The Gurus Claim “Don’t Work Anymore”…
WARNING: This is not for the absolute newbie. Some of the tactics discussed on this page are so powerful that not everyone can, or should, try them. Proceed at your own risk.

Dear Internet Marketer,

Before we continue, let me be brutally honest – you will not like what you see here!

You may conclude that some of the tactics mentioned here are unethical. You may even feel like it’s wrong or unfair…

There’s no point trying to send me a flaming email or reporting this site to anyone, because I don’t care. It doesn’t make a difference to me or Mr Blackhat what you think.

What I have here is an alternative way to make money from Google Adsense and other contextual based advertising. Nothing more, nothing less.

On this site we’ll talk about some underground, and perhaps even questionable tactics to making money online. While some people despise anyone who dares to even mention the word “Black Hat”, a lot of others feel that as a business owner, any method is a good method as long as it produces results…

If you’re not open to different methods of making money with Adsense, and you cannot put the idea of what’s right and what’s wrong out of the way, please leave this site now.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to keep an open mind and learn something new that may just double or triple your own business income, continue reading.

Absolutely No Idea What Black-Hat Means?

From this point onwards, I’m going to reveal some pretty mind-boggling tactics that are used by underground Internet marketers to squeeze every possible dime out of Adsense.

However, I don’t want to waste time trying to explain what “Black Hat” means, or how it differs from the traditional “White Hat” approach.

If you’re new to the concept of using “Black Hat” techniques, you should first opt-in using the form below to get a crash course on the topic.
Download Your FREE Blackhat Crash Course

black hatFor a limited time only, I’m giving away an older interview I did with Mr Blackhat.

If you’re new to the concept, you may want to listen to this audio first.

Insert your full name and email address to receive the “Blackhat Basics” audio and full transcript in your email inbox.

Your Name:
Primary Email:

From this point onwards, please proceed only if you’re confident…

Common Misconceptions (And Some Outright Lies)
About The Black Hat SEO Method

If you’re already familiar with White Hat / Black Hat terminologies, you want to skip right to the 6 questions I asked Mr Blackhat in our interview.

If you’re not, here are some definitions taken from Wikipedia:

Usually, a black hat is a person who uses their knowledge of vulnerabilities and exploits for private gain, rather than revealing them either to the general public or the manufacturer for correction.

The reference to colored hats comes from Hollywood¡¯s use of hats in old black-and-white Western movies to help an audience differentiate between the good guys (white hats) and the bad guys (black hats)

Some gurus out there say that Black Hat is unethical or illegal. I would have said the same before I met Mr Blackhat!

Some of them even go to extremes and tell you outright lies, such as:

1. If you use Black Hat methods, Google will terminate your Adsense account
2. Google will de-index all your web sites and ban them forever
3. If you use Black Hat methods, your ISP will shut you down

In reality, Mr Blackhat has NEVER got his Adsense account terminated for over 3 years using black hat techniques. His ISP has never shut him down either.

Even as you’re reading this, a major debate is going on in most SEO forums. Some people condemn Black Hat techniques, others say it’s no different than the purpose of White Hat SEO anyway, which is to optimize your sites and get a better search engine ranking.

Black Hat is all about using unconventional or unorthodox methods to exploit search engines and get a better ranking and more traffic to your websites, and tap into a whole new .

This simple diagram says it all:

white hat vs black hat

Here’s the undeniable truth:

1. Ordinary or conventional SEO techniques (White Hat) only allows you to make money within that small light blue zone.
2. Unconventional SEO techniques (Black Hat) allows to tap into that bigger outer circle of wealth that no one dares to exploit.
3. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with staying in the small light blue circle if you want to play it safe, but if you want to taste exponential income, you HAVE to at least learn what the Black Hat SEO guys are doing…
4. Even if you don’t want to be a Black Hat Adsense person, there’s still a lot you can learn from the darker side of Internet marketing, which you can apply to any of your existing business…

To put it in a Mathematical formula, Black Hat techniques are basically this:
Black Hat = Mass Generation + Automation

It’s still not too late for you to leave this website, if you still cannot accept that there just might be something you can learn from these Black Hat techniques that may change the way you build websites and optimize your websites.

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Adsense BlackHat Edition

[The AdSense Dragon] Learn to Crack the AdSense code in 2012 & Crank Out 4 Figure AdSense Sites

Simple Excel Statistics Template Beats Adwords Into Submission…Boost CTR/Conversions by 400% & up:

Article Writing Secrets

June 11, 2008
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Price $47

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Tired Of Constantly Searching For High Quality Content For Your Website? Than Discover¡­

¡°¡­The Easy, Proven And Simple Way To Pump Out High Quality Articles And Turn Them Into Long Term Residual Income¡±

If you desperately NEED high quality content for your website, adsence sites, promoting affiliate programs, promoting your own products, to create an unstoppable viral income or anything else for that matter! You have come to the rights place¡­

From: Jeff Dedrick

Dear friend,

You are about to discover everything you need to know to pump out dozens of high quality articles full of informative and quality content every single day! But what¡¯s so great about that?

Well, for starters ¡°content is king!¡±

When you have high quality, original content there is no shortage of ways to make money with that. You can create all kinds of money making opportunities with your own, original high quality content¡­

Let¡¯s take a look at just some of the things you can do:

Create a whole bunch of targeted, key word rich adsence sites that earn you a nice fat monthly residual income!

You can use your articles to promote and profit from affiliate programs almost instantly! (the great part about this is you don¡¯t even need your product, you just choose one you would like to promote, write an article and start getting sales)

If you are able to create dozens of high quality article per day, you can earn a fortune by selling Private Label Rights to those articles! (Good content is in high demand, and there is no shortage of people willing to pay big bucks for it!

Create an ebook! Yup, you can simply blend all of your articles together to create a high quality, content rich ebook! You can then sell this ebook, sell Resell Rights to it, put affiliate links into it and give it away for free etc.

If you have your own product or service, you can write articles that promote your own business and blast your name out all over the internet (this can create a huge title wave of traffic and generate an overwhelming amount of paying customers

That¡¯s just a small sample of all the things you could do with your own high quality content. You probably have your own ideas of what you would do if you could pump out dozens of high quality articles every single day if you knew how.

But regardless of what you would do if you could turn out dozens of high quality, in demand articles every single day, you will learn exactly how to do that and much, much more when you get your hands on¡­

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Mass Article Control | Article Marketing Domination | Get Free Traffic Now

Freelance Writers, Article Writers, Copywriters: Get More Money For Your Writing!

Statistical Copywriting Home Study Course

June 10, 2008
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Price $185

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Discover The Way To Convert More Sightseers To Buyers. The Online Home Study Course & Statistical Software. Guaranteed!

Upon completion of The Statistical Copywriting Online Home Study Program, you are guaranteed to have all the tools one needs to successfully put up a profitable and attention grabbing sales page.

You’ll receive over 2 hours of online video-casts that cover simple methods to write effective and powerful sales copy starting from the headline all the way to the order link. The online instructional tutorials demonstrate best means to optimize each word for the highest conversion ratio and therefore, more sales!

Click on the following picture to view a sample video from our online home study course:

Click Here To View Sample Video

There are no other tools required that aren’t already included with this online home study training course. You will even receive the software that we personally use to optimize our sales copy for maximum sales.

This is an online home study course, so you can start today and have your own successful sales letter completed tomorrow.

Here is my guarantee…

There are no other tools required that aren’t already included with this online home study training course. You will even receive the software that we personally use to optimize our sales copy for maximum sales.

This is an online home study course, so you can start today and have your own successful sales letter completed tomorrow.

Stop marketing by guessing what works and start statistically optimizing successful sales letters. Click below to start this online home study course immediately. Watch the lessons, discover the method to writing profit pulling copy and let the software statistically analyze the words. Results are 100% guaranteed: sales letters will work dramatically better or your money back!

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Forum Equalizer | Forum Submission Software

June 9, 2008
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Price $77

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Attention: Be One Of The Elite First Few To Take Full Advantage of This Proven Strategy To Quickly and Easily Flood Your Site With More Links!
“Simple 2-Step Software Bombards Your Sites With A Barrage of Quality One-Way Links Using This Virtually Untapped Backlink Generation Strategy!”
Just Type Up A Few Ads and Hit ‘Submit’ To Reach The Eyeballs of Potentially 324,722+ Members of Forums That Accept Free Advertising! This Is The Perfect Backlink Generation Solution For Those Who Don’t Have A Lot of Extra Time, But Want Results Fast!

Dear Friend,

You’re about to discover a simple 2-step solution to sending a barrage of high-quality one-way links pointing to your site overnight and whenever you want.

But, even more importantly, you get to take full advantage of this proven backlink generation technique before everybody else jumps onboard.

No more long and endless nights struggling to get more incoming links.

You can use this powerful solution to get loads of links when you don’t have extra time to burn…

Generating Loads of Quality One-Way Links Can’t Get Any Faster or Easier Than This!

So, what does this technique involve? Well, the first part may surprise you. Because you probably already use it on a regular basis.

Yet, you only gain a tiny fraction of what it has to offer. It’s simply this… posting to forums and message boards.

You see, forums are the centers of where your customers go to learn, network, and share ideas. Inside, customers exchange links in “Signatures” after their names.

This means every time you make a post, as many as hundreds (even thousands) of eyeballs see it– and blast your site with incoming traffic.

And, what’s more, the traffic is just the tip of the iceberg. The main benefit of posting in forums are the…

High-Quality Links Search Engines Love!

Since forums are full of always updating content, search engines scour them like crazy. As a result, the spiders scurry their way over to your site too.

This means your pages are more likely to be indexed into the search engines (which is vital if you want to make money from sites as quickly as possible)!

Plus, you shouldn’t forget these links last ages. As long as you post valuable comments, then you get backlinks (to help boost your search rankings) pointing to your sites for years to come.

Of course, the problem with posting to forums is that…

Submitting To More Than A Few Forums Sucks Your Valuable Time Dry!

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Magic Article Submitter V1.45

Magic Article Submitter

The Ultimate Article Marketing, Spinning & Submission Tool *EVER*

Website Submitter & Article Submitter

June 8, 2008
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Price $47.00+Price $47.00

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Website Submitter

? As Web surfers rely more and more on search engines like Google and MSN, it has become more important than ever to make sure your site can be found in those search engines for relevant keyword phrases. To do that, you have to get your site indexed. But how can you make sure that you are listed? How can you make sure that one of your sites hasn¡¯t been ignored?

? Website Submitter is the easiest semi-automated Web promotion tool. With our software you will never need to search for places to advertise again. Easily submit multiple websites to 3500 directories.

? The majority of website traffic comes from search engines. Some research shows that as much as 75% of traffic comes from them, and it is increasing at a very rapid rate. If your site is not ranked as a top site in the search engines it is obvious that you are going to lose traffic.

It can be a difficult and time-consuming process to rank higher in the search engines for your targeted keyword phrases. Unless you are an expert in the field of Search Engine Optimization, you may very well fail at competing with older, better-established, and better-optimized competitors.

Most of search engines rank your website based on keyword searches, contents of the page, the number of incoming and reciprocal links which your website has gotten from other relevant sites, and so on. Are you really prepared to learn about all of these optimization processes on your own?

Website Submitter helps with all aspects of search engine and directory submission, such as:

? Increasing search engine traffic to your site(s)
? Unlimited submissions for your site(s)
? Keeping a current list of search engines and directories available to you
? Increasing backlinks through directory submissions
? Saving you time and effort
? Increasing backlinks through directory submissions in regional directories: 360 French directories, 200 Spanish directories, 160 German directories and 470 Romanian directories

More people are using search engines than ever before. This makes them the primary portal for many of your visitors. If you aren’t listed in these engines, Web users won’t even know you exist. You can list your sites with all of the major directories and search engines easily with Website Submitter.

Search engine submission can be confusing, especially when you have a lot of sites to manage. Make sure that they are all listed by using Website Submitter. It makes listing all of your sites with search engines quick and easy.

The Web is a volatile landscape. As such, new search engines are appearing every day. Keeping track of the latest additions can be a monumental task to handle independently. With Website Submitter, you won’t have to worry. Our software will always have the latest lists of search engines and directories.

One of the most important tools for increasing your ranking in search engines is backlinks. Website Submitter helps you gain these important links by automatically submitting you to Web directories as well as search engines. Each directory you are listed in provides you with a backlink.

To submit your own sites to every search engine and directory provided by Website Submitter would take you weeks of work. Now you can submit all of your sites in a matter of hours. Take your time back by automating the submission process, so you can increase your productivity in running your business and websites.

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